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Technology news September 2010


UPDATE: BlackBerry PlayBook Means Business

As iPhones continue to impinge on traditional BlackBerry territory, Research in Motion (RIM) is countering with a competitor to Apple’s famed iPad – a tablet known as the PlayBook will be released in early 2011.

Monroe celebrates anniversary with launch of Ultimate calculator

Advertorial: This year marks the celebration of Monroe Calculator's 98th birthday. It's difficult to imagine what the world would be like today were it not for Monroe. Where would office automation be today?

Facebook founder is subject of new movie; donates $100 million to Newark schools

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, is expected to announce today his $100 million donation to the Newark public school system, which has been described as one of the country's weakest.
Education & Careers

Finance pros most active on Facebook with family; use LinkedIn to job search

Nearly three-quarters of finance professionals revealed that they have a social media account, which primarily is being used to connect with friends and family via Facebook. When using social media to job search, however, LinkedIn was the definitive favorite.

Intuit introduces ProLine Tax Import to reduce manual data entry

Intuit recently introduced ProLine Tax Import, an add-on to the ProLine Portfolio of Products, designed to enable tax professionals to import tax data from scanned source documents and digitally download data from financial institutions directly into Intuit's Lacerte and ProSeries.

Tips for safeguarding mobile phones, information

Mobile phones are an essential business tool and, while the technology lets you keep in touch from nearly any location, there are some serious security issues.

New and improved features are found in QuickBooks 2011

QuickBooks 2011, scheduled to be released on September 27, is filled with plenty of new features and improvements to existing features. QuickBooks ProAdvisor and author Laura Madeira has prepared a whitepaper summarizing the changes to QuickBooks 2011.

Software vendors 'encourage' laggard upgraders to stay current

In a world of tightening revenues, some software vendors are adopting aggressive approaches to extract additional revenue from existing customers.

New Spam Attack Attempts to Disable Security Software

A virulent new e-mail threat is causing significant problems for large businesses and individuals. The infected e-mail messages contain a link that, if clicked on, allows a worm to simultaneously exploit an infected user’s e-mail address book and attempt to disable the user's antivirus software.

QuickBooks billing tips, tricks, workarounds

There are various tips, tricks and workarounds for handling professional billing using QuickBooks. Following are processes that work best for The Woodard Consulting Group and its clients.
Practice Management

The role of accountants in social media, by Ross Drapalski

AccountingWEB accounting student scholarship winner Ross Drapalski explores the interaction of social media with everyday work life.

Intuit innovation shines in gallery tour

Last week, Intuit hosted a unique event: a tour of several of the products it has in the development pipeline. Clearly, Intuit is by no means resting on the laurels of its flagship products, but is continuously working to move ahead and stay on top of innovation and new products for our changing society.
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