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Technology news March 2010


Five blunders accountants make on their Web sites

Spring cleaning often includes sweeping the entryway and giving a fresh coat of paint. This year it's time to apply spring cleaning techniques to your virtual front door - the company Web site.

Don’t open that Facebook e-mail

Millions of spam e-mail messages were sent to Facebook users around the world last week in a scam that could infect computers with software that steals passwords and other data.

Can you social network your way to business success?

Business used to be done with a handshake. Sometimes, it still is. But for a growing number of potential customers, the majority of research, referrals, and recommendations are being done by virtual rather than physical word, via social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace.

Transform multiple-line cell contents into columns in Excel

Sometimes in Excel you may encounter a situation where each cell contains multiple lines of data. In this article I'll explain some simple techniques that can make quick work of transforming this data into columns.

Understanding the Undo Option in Excel

One of my favorite features in Excel is the Undo feature, which as you might expect, allows you to undo the last action that you carried out in Excel. Indeed, you can generally undo multiple steps in Excel. However, there are some caveats to this functionality, as well as a couple tricks you may not know.

Office 2007 Themes Standardize Document Look, Feel

It can be a significant challenge to ensure that your company's documents have the same look and feel, particularly when you're using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook together. Fortunately Office 2007's Themes feature can simplify the process.

Excel Tip: Converting Numbers Formatted as <1> to -1

In this article I'll discuss two approaches you can use to convert text-based inputs to negative numbers. I'll also share a formatting technique you can use if you want to enclose negative numbers in such brackets instead of parentheses.

What's the FREQUENCY? Using Excel's FREQUENCY function

From time to time you may want to determine how items fall within specific ranges. For instance, a real estate portfolio manager may wish to know how many buildings fall within ranges of 250,000, 500,000, and one million square feet.

Some unlikely uses for Excel's SUMPRODUCT function

While you may not be aware of Excel's SUMPRODUCT function, those in the know often use it for its stated purpose: multiplying two ranges together and then summing the total. Although this is helpful, you might not be aware that SUMPRODUCT also can function like VLOOKUP or SUMIF on steroids.

Mythbuster: Is Flash bad for your Web site ranking in the search engines?

The search engines read the Flash Web site content much as they would an image or video. Consequently, Web sites written in HTML will be ranked higher than those created with Flash.

Tools for virtual accountants: portals, applications, and file space

Business professionals realize that the issues of time and distance no longer impact their ability to get work done. In order to make the most of your virtualized working model, consider the value of the following three elements you should have in your online toolkit.

QuickBooks at tax time: Cleaning up your client's QuickBooks data

Though QuickBooks is very easy to use, our clients often create numerous setup and data entry errors that we have to troubleshoot. This troubleshooting often coincides with tax time.
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