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Technology news May 2009


IRS spent $19.5 million on cancelled project for new Web portal

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) spent nearly two years and $19.5 million to develop its new Web portal, but cancelled the project six months before its scheduled completion date, according to a new report publicly released last week by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).Despite increasing demand for increased services from both taxpayers and IRS employees, the IRS cancelled the project because of concerns about the portal's business strategy and hardware costs, the report found.

Is a paperless office right for you?

Before jumping on the paperless bandwagon, you might want to think through the process and determine if this change is the change you need. Our sister site, BusinessZone, took a look at the benefits and costs of implementing a paperless office.The concept of the paperless office is great in theory, but perfection is difficult to achieve. Anticipated high initial costs and complicated operational and process changes might make going paperless seem unattainable and are probably enough to put most firms off.

Payroll provider plants trees to reward new direct deposit customers

Online payroll service SurePayroll is proving that it pays to help the environment. To recognize National Direct Deposit Month, the company has announced that it will partner with American Forests to plant a tree for every employee of every new business customer who enrolls in SurePayroll's complimentary direct deposit feature during the month of May. As an online company that provides a paperless way to manage payroll, SurePayroll hopes to show how direct deposit creates a positive environmental impact.
Practice Management

Don’t be caught without workflow in your paperless system

Currently some workflow and document management systems are designed to function independently of one another, making it necessary to run several different applications to perform two tasks that go hand-in-hand. Is it possible for workflow and document management to coexist? Here are some details to consider when combining a workflow and document management system. Document management has many known benefits relating to reducing overhead, but is going paperless enough in an effort to save costs for the small office? Having access to electronic documents is not the only way to save money.

News from the Cloud: Cloud computing is high on Obama agenda

President Obama has high ambitions for cloud computing, as described in this wrap up from our sister site, BusinessCloud9.Details of several pilot programs aimed at delivering cost efficiencies have been outlined in Obama's 2010 budget request which will "utilize more fully and broadly departmental and agency architectures to identify enterprise-wide common services and solutions with a new emphasis on Cloud Computing."

Little books offer big help in the world of social networking

A book publishing company in Cupertino, CA has made a publishing genre out of the concept of social networking. With a smorgasbord of titles designed to help anyone who has a desire to get up to speed in this area, the folks at the company that calls itself Happy About are completely in touch with Web 2.0. Here is a sampling of their titles.

Tips for making blogging worthwhile

Blogs have become a great way to wax lyrical about issues of the day or what you've been up to in your private life. But if you want to use them to market your business, you need to define the aims and objectives of the blog instead of pouring time and cash into pointless waffle.

Social networking can really pay off

Facebook, MySpace and the like are hugely popular with millions of people around the world who use these sites to communicate with friends. But do these services offer real opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to grow a successful company? Dan Martin, editor of our sister site,, investigates the business benefits of social networking.

LinkedIn 101

Many feel that the serious side of social networking exists at LinkedIn and, in fact, the site has been referred to by many as a business networking site instead of a social networking site. According to Jason Alba, author of I'm On LinkedIn, Now What???, "LinkedIn is a Web service where you can find others who you should connect with, so that they can add value to you, or you can add value to them, or just because adding each other to your networks seems to make a lot of sense. So it is a tool to expand your network, allowing your network to grow wider or deeper."

How using Twitter can promote your business

Some social networking sites seem to come and go, largely unnoticed. Not so with Twitter. The tweeting phenomenon has grown exponentially and entrepreneurs are finding that Twitter provides some excellent opportunities for business promotion. Here are ten steps demonstrating how using Twitter can bring you business.1. Smart registrationKey to the registration process is using the right keywords in your biography. You have to be clever though as, like every other area of Twitter, you're restricted in the number of characters you can use.

How technology is changing continuing professional education

By Thomas G. Stephens, Jr., CPA.CITPTwenty years ago, virtually all continuing professional education (CPE) events were the same – an instructor stood in front of an audience flipping transparencies on an overhead projector. To say the least, attention spans were challenged! Then, in the mid-1990s, things began to change with the advent of personal computers, data projectors, and presentation software. Benefitting from technology, CPE events became livelier and more interactive and participants benefitted from more engaging content delivery.

Sleeter Group selects Results Software as a strategic partner

The Sleeter Group and Results Software have announced an alliance to deliver an integrated business solution to the small to medium business market, where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are in high demand.The new relationship empowers the Sleeter Group Consultants Network (SGCN) of over 600 QuickBooks consultants, to offer Results CRM products and services to their clients who are seeking to leverage their investment in QuickBooks by integrating it with their office operations and customer relationship managemen

10 Low-cost security strategies for your business

By Diana DiBelloIf your personal or business security strategy is little more than a set of colorful sticky-notes with passwords attached to your screen, you are in big trouble!In today's environment, we should know better than to leave passwords and other sensitive information in plain sight - making our systems vulnerable to attack.

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