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Technology news October 2008


Excel 2003: Use These Three Techniques to Turbocharge Filtering

By David Ringstrom, CPADid you know that you can streamline the AutoFilter feature in Excel 2003 and earlier versions? And that there are two ways to sum only the visible rows in your filtered list? Read on to discover these time saving techniques.Not sure how to filter? Read Excel Filtering 101.

Journal of Accountancy launches new Web site

The Journal of Accountancy, the award-winning monthly magazine of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, introduced a redesigned Web site at the Institute's annual fall governing Council meeting. The new Web site is packed with new features, online-only articles, and a searchable archive of the magazine's authoritative and in-depth coverage of the accounting profession.

QuickBooks 2009 splashes on the scene with plenty of new features

By David Ringstrom, CPAQuickBooks 2009 is now available, and includes a number of long-wished for features: 

Microsoft prepares for announcement of new Cloud operating system

Microsoft is less than a month away from introducing an Internet-based operating system, CEO Steve Ballmer told a recent conference of software developers in London. "We'll need a new operating system," Ballmer said. "Just as we have an operating system for the PC, for the phone and for the server, we need a new operating system that runs in the Internet."Ballmer did not know exactly how the product would be branded, but said it would be called "Windows something". For the time being, he continued, "I'll call it Windows Cloud.

Excel Filtering 101

By David Ringstrom, CPAFiltering is a powerful, but often overlooked feature in Excel that enables you to hide unneeded data within a list. In Excel 2003 and earlier, this feature is known as AutoFilter, while Excel 2007 refers to it as simply Filter. In this article I'll provide a quick overview of how to use this helpful feature.Filtering BasicsFiltering enables you to collapse a spreadsheet down to display only relevant rows.1. Copy the data from Table 1 into a blank worksheet, starting at cell A1. 

Excel Chart Advisor Prototype Simplifies Graphs

By David RingstromExcel 2007 users have a new tool in their arsenal: the Chart Advisor from the Microsoft Office Labs — a new proving ground for potential new Office features. Although this tool is a prototype, you may find it helpful in your daily work. This add-in for Excel utilizes an advanced rules engine to analyze your data, and then rank chart suggestions based on their respective score. Remember, this tool only works with U.S. English version of Excel 2007.

Reduce litigation risks and costs with eDiscovery approach

By Ursula TalleyCompanies of all sizes are facing increased litigation risks and costs today. A great way to reduce those risks and costs is by adopting a proactive eDiscovery approach. If you're not sure what proactive eDiscovery means, this article not only offers a good definition, but also explains the trends that make proactive eDiscovery inevitable, how to implement a proactive solution that can save you money, and how to get started now.Getting a Handle on eDiscovery

Virus alert: Google ads lure users to fake Norton download site

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The CPA Technology Advisor honors top young professionals

The CPA Technology Advisor magazine has announced its selection of this year's "40 Under 40." The program spotlights young professionals in the accounting and tax fields, or those in supportive roles in developing technology, who exemplify the leadership qualities necessary for the ongoing success of the profession. The CPA Technology Advisor provides independent technology reviews, implementation strategies, and advice for small and mid-sized professional tax and accounting practices.

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