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Technology news March 2006

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Sox-In-A-Box Acquires HIPAA Consulting Firm

Sox-In-A-Box has acquired a HIPAA consulting firm that will enhance the business model designed by Sox-In-A-Box.

Women and Money – A Match Made in Heaven

Women face special challenges when it comes to managing their money. Stereotypes abound that perpetuate the myth that women aren’t any better at financial management than they are at operating motor vehicles. Janice Kimball, a CPA in Corpus Christi, TX, has worked with clients who have fallen into that clichéd trap. “I still have clients where the woman in the relationship still does not have a clue about any of their finances,” Kimball said.

Firms Respond to Competitive Tax Services Environment

Gaining new clients in the increasingly competitive tax preparation services business has meant a change in business strategy for many CPA firms and pressure for companies like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. Jackson Hewitt has expanded in H&R Block’s market, which has traditionally served lower and middle income taxpayers in community store fronts, the San Francisco Business Times reports.

The Blackberry Settlement & Competition Ahead

Research In Motion (RIM) averted a court-ordered shutdown of its US Blackberry service with a $612.5 million (£350 million) settlement with NTP on Friday. The more than four-year old lawsuit stems from RIM’s infringed use of NTP’s patents concerning the sending of e-mails between computers and wireless devices. The companies reported it was a “full and final settlement of all claims,” according to the Associated Press.


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