Practice news November 2009

Practice Development

What your customers really want: Seven qualities of customer care

Most people believe that the hardest part of starting and maintaining a successful business is finding the right product or service. In reality, this is hardly ever enough; it is simply the starting point.

How to be a hero to your clients

"The job of the accountant is to make the client successful and more profitable. As their trusted advisor, it’s the accountant’s responsibility to go the extra mile and help turn obstacles into opportunities for clients."

Can Facebook make you a better learner?

Can Twitter help employees retain focus, can Facebook ever be part of the informal learning mix or is the social networking route too much of a reputational risk for some?
Practice Management

Hiring an outside mentor

Before you bring in a mentor for your team, you should consider these questions, says John Pope.
Practice Development

Web site strategy development: A key decision

When an accounting firm is ready to build its first Web site or upgrade an existing site, the first analysis should be the strategic purpose of the Web site.

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