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Practice news October 2009

Practice Management

SAS 99 -- 17 ways to protect yourself from malpractice

Congress mandated as Sarbanes-Oxley (SoX) for public companies and their auditors. Think of SAS 99 as SoX for everyone else.
Practice Management

Taking steps to running a paperless office

There is a belief among accountants that too many aspects of the profession are based on "paper and pencil" techniques, and therefore, there are many accountants unwilling to make the change to a paperless office.

6 Quick and easy tips for improving your Web presence

If you have a Web site, or if you are advising clients who have a Web site, there are steps you can take to improve that site's rankings in the search engines.
Practice Development

What Dr. Laura can teach you about improving your financial business

A lot of the problems financial businesses have, especially with clients, stem from communication issues. Dr. Laura's advice just might help.

Overweight workers face bias in hiring

Bias toward overweight workers is especially strong in hiring, according to recent studies.

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