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Practice news August 2009


Social networking presents serious concern to business owners

Fifty-eight percent of executives agree that the reputational risk of social networking should be a boardroom issue.
Practice Development

Looking for a new niche? Consider payment card compliance

Some accountants are finding a new stream of revenue among clients who are merchants: payment card compliance services.
Practice Development

Business Consultant tells accountants... step up to the plate!

And the survey says… many small business owners feel they are not getting satisfactory help from their accountants in becoming profitable.

Using LinkedIn for job searching

If you're a first time job searcher, you might be new to LinkedIn and haven't had a chance to build a strong business network. So now's the time to get started!
Community News

Different generations in the workplace can collaborate successfully

We hear that older generations are technophobes who resist working in the way the younger generations do and will not bridge the gap technologically.

Take five minutes to write a bio page for your Web site

OK, so you have decided that it is high time to build a Web site for your firm. The ability to trade files online with your clients and store files has finally forced you to put away the FedEx envelopes.

I've started a blog! Now what?

Blogging has changed marketing for the small business. But, it also presents an ongoing problem - we need fresh content.
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