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Practice news December 2008

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Highlights of CCH seminar: Top Tax Practice and Procedure Blunders

AccountingWEB staff writer Anne Rosivach attended the recent CCH audio seminar: Top Tax Practice and Procedure Blunders Which Can and Should Be Avoided. This is her report.CCH'S Audio Seminar, Top Tax Practice and Procedure Blunders Which Can and Should Be Avoided, takes a look at some of the most common practice and procedure errors or omissions that can come back to haunt practitioners in an audit.
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Tips for getting more out of meetings

If you have a boss who loves meetings, chances are you're not quite as enamored with them.

Avoid a fraud hangover this New Year

Fraud loves Christmas. Andrew Durant provides a checklist of actions for finance staff to undertake before and after the festive holiday that will help prevent fraud or spot something out of order.The Finance Director had been acting strangely for weeks - he said this was due to work pressures in the lead up to the year-end. He was due to return from the Christmas break in the first week of January but called in ill.
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How to avoid those pesky Gen Y stereotypes

By Phyllis Weiss HaserotThis is the fourth of a new series of regular columns by generational expert and internationally known consultant, coach, writer, and speaker Phyllis Weiss Haserot on intergenerational relations and navigating the challenges of the multi-generational workplace for better productivity, retention, succession planning, and business development results.
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Avoiding holiday liability

The holidays should be a cheerful, festive and happy time of year. However, the holidays can provide fertile ground for potential legal liability against employers. Seemingly simple scenarios, such as employees taking time off of work for religious observance, and employers giving end-of-year bonuses and hosting holiday parties, all can have legal consequences.
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