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Practice news February 2008


Growing the ranks of female leaders

Source: INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) Women are rushing into public accounting, but too few are making it to the top levels of leadership. While more than half of the college graduates in accounting and new employees in CPA positions are female, the proportion of women partners and senior executives is between 11% and 19%, according to the AICPA's Work/Life and Women's Initiatives Executive Committee.Retaining experienced talent is a given for all firms these days, so a strong business case can be made for firms to develop more women leaders.
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Multitasking not all it's cracked up to be

Recent scientific studies reveal the hidden costs of multitasking, key findings as technology increasingly tempts people to do more than one thing (and increasingly, more than one complicated thing) at a time.

Go home! 10 tips for keeping the workplace healthy during flu season

With a persistent new strain of flu affecting workers nationwide, employers may need to be more assertive to help keep the workplace healthy at the height of flu season, according to CCH, a leading provider of human resources and employment law information and services and a part of Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.Based on a CCH Survey, about half of employers (54 percent) send workers back home if they show up for work sick.
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Political talk at work is a potential minefield

While discussions at work about the presidential election may seem inevitable, human resources experts warn supervisors that discussing political preferences can kill the bottom line.A survey last year by Harris Interactive showed that about one-fourth of all employees say their top managers make it clear to their subordinates which political candidates they prefer.
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New strategy for building online communities

By Lynn Sheehan Building online communities for stakeholders including employees, staff, customers, and partners to increase communication, collaboration, and learning is a crucial strategic program to attract and retain the next generation of employees. Generally, it takes a catalyst to push stakeholders to interact online—especially the over-30 crowd.
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Far from remote: The risks of mobile working

As many as 81 percent of hiring managers have policies in place that allow employees to work remotely, according to a study performed by Yoh, a talent and outsourcing services provider. And the results of a study released by study released by Cisco and Insight Express, an independent surveyor, which polled 1,000 remote workers in 10 countries, found that teleworkers frequently hijack neighbors' wireless networks, share computers with non-employees, and open e-mail from unknown sources.

In the real world, debits don’t equal credits, by Ronald J. Baker

A lot of rules have been added since the Venetian monk Luca Pacioli published the first accounting textbook in 1494, introducing double-entry bookkeeping. Unfortunately, one could also make the argument that it was the last revolutionary idea to come from the accounting profession. The balance sheet dates from 1868; the income statement from before World War II. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) fits an industrial enterprise, not an intellectual one. Currently, GAAP measures the cost of everything, and knows the value of nothing.
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