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A&A news March 2010


Grant Thornton takes a stand regarding SEC, IFRS Roadmap

Grant Thornton has been a staunch supporter of the ongoing movement toward one set of high-quality, globally accepted accounting standards. At present, that language of financial reporting features several different dialects, depending on where a company operates.

Tools for virtual accountants: portals, applications, and file space

Business professionals realize that the issues of time and distance no longer impact their ability to get work done. In order to make the most of your virtualized working model, consider the value of the following three elements you should have in your online toolkit.

Selling services: It’s not about the money

I spoke in December at a networking meeting of sales professionals. What I was asked to speak about (and this by someone who fully understands my views on the topic), and what I disclosed during my brief presentation is the following: Sometimes it’s just not about money.

Federal agencies review retirement plan regulations, promote annuity

Concerned that at retirement employees overwhelmingly choose lump-sum distributions from their 401(k) accounts, the White House is urging plan sponsors to include lifetime income stream products – annuities – as options in retirement plans.


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