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A&A news October 2009


Businesses now required to monitor warning signs for identity theft

Business owners take heed. Businesses are now required to implement a written policy that monitors the business for "Red Flag" warning signs for identity theft.

U.S. companies experiencing new litigation wave, anticipate more to come

Companies are seeing a litigation wave that corporate counsel expect to swell in the coming year, according to respondents of the 2009 Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. Litigation Trends Survey.

Liability insurance: Covering business interruptions when they happen

Disasters have plagued mankind for as long as we have records, and for just as long, smart people have sought ways to protect themselves against the liability of the unexpected.
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New IRS Retirement Plan Navigator helps small businesses with retirement decisions

The IRS has created a new Web-based tool to help small business owners choose a pension plan that suits their needs

Prince Charles asks for help from U.S. accountants

CPAs can take a leading role in developing the tools and information necessary for companies to embed sustainability issues effectively in their operations.

Brouhaha erupts over PwC private health insurance report

PwC has found itself at the center of a controversy over its estimates of cost increases in insurance premiums if heath care reform becomes law.

Success secrets of women who have risen to CFO in major companies

Despite the relatively large number of women working in the finance function of major corporations, few have attained the position of CFO.

New hiring credit: Probable law or packed with pitfalls?

Next up on the Obama administration’s agenda could be an incentive to hire, with the goal of jobs creation.

Overweight workers face bias in hiring

Bias toward overweight workers is especially strong in hiring, according to recent studies.

Most CFOs favor approval of IFRS

Seventy percent of CFOs would support SEC approval of its proposed roadmap for adopting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

SEC mulls further measures against naked short sales amid criticism from lawmakers

The SEC once again tackled naked short selling issues as a panel of experts at its “roundtable” on short selling looked at a possible requirement to pre-borrow shares before selling them short, a procedure also known as “hard-locate.”
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