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A&A news September 2009


AICPA says proposed business tax filing requirement "extremely burdensome"

Requiring business taxpayers to report payments over $600 to corporations would result in millions of additional 1099 Forms that are of “little value to the IRS.

CFOs expect little change in hiring activity in the fourth quarter

Most financial executives plan to maintain their current accounting and finance staff levels in the fourth quarter, according to a new survey.

Federal regulators say accounting changes need global reach

Changes in accounting standards, rules, and policies for financial institutions must be coordinated globally in the effort to help avoid a recurrence of the economic crisis.

Cash flow strategies for small businesses

You don’t want your clients’ cash flow problems to result in your cash flow problems. Here are a few strategies to use to keep on top of your cash flow.

Why the KISS principle of bookkeeping is so important

If you keep your bookkeeping simple then it will be easy to manage and understand your financial position.

How to select a new small business accounting system

If you are a new business or an existing business that just needs more than your current application can provide it is important that you spend some time planning what you need today and what you need two years from now.

AccountingWEB v. the Miami-Dade County Traffic Violations Department

People who pay parking violations by credit card to the Miami-Dade County Traffic Violations Department now see "Accountingweb" on their credit card statements.

IFRS ripples throughout the profession

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have made great inroads over the past five to seven years. If an SEC-proposed change to allow IFRS for 10-K filing purposes becomes policy, the accounting lives of CPAs will certainly change, but many others will be affected too.

E-mail blunders you know you'll regret

Our sister site, AccountingWEB.co.uk, offers up this universal list of common e-mail mistakes.

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