A&A news February 2009


Obama pushes for mandatory retirement savings plans

Part of President Obama’s budget proposal would require employers who do not offer a pension plan to provide their employees with a direct-deposit retirement savings plan, modeled after a traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA).“The result will be that workers will be automatically enrolled in some form of savings vehicle when they go to work, making it easy for them to save while also allowing them to opt out if their family or individual circumstances make it particularly difficult or unwise to save,” according to the budget plan.

Talent mapping: Navigating through the downturn

Having a clear understanding of the talents, skills, and behaviors of every employee could be the difference between your organization successfully emerging at the end of the downturn, or it failing, says Mark Hopkins, who recommends talent mapping as a means of ensuring success.

Maximizing profitability: Mind your Ps and Qs

By Barbara Bix and Melissa Josephson EdwardsAccountants' top directives to companies may very well be: aim to maximize profit. Yet, in the frenzy of everyday work, it is not uncommon for "urgent" issues to supplant "important" ones. How, then, can companies stay on target and maximize profitability? Marketers at your client companies need to consciously choose a strategy for optimizing sales and marketing resources—and then stick to it.Selecting the Right Target Market

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