A&A news September 2008

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Web-based 401(k) management tools popular with small business employees

Offering employees in small businesses an opportunity to save for retirement in a company-sponsored plan is no longer enough, small business owners are discovering. Their employees want the same kind of access to information about their accounts and tools that can help them manage their accounts that employees in large companies have. Companies are finding that retirement plans that give employees the opportunity to play an active role in their savings and investments are attractive benefits to new hires, The Wall Street Journal reports.
Practice Management

The business discipline of practice growth

"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."-- Thomas EdisonBy Gale Crosley, CPAPromising opportunities may not be sporting overalls at your firm, but it's likely a number of them have successfully camouflaged themselves from you and your partners! Sure, you're busy these days, but sheer momentum isn't enough to guarantee long-term sustainable growth. For that you need an orderly approach to opportunity planning.New Attitude

Hiring essentials: Conducting background checks

By by Elizabeth MilitoWhen it comes to background checks, employers should be aware of the reasons for performing a background check, what basic information to request, and what legal boundaries exist to protect an employee's privacy.Why Conduct A Background Check?Federal and state law: Employers are legally required to conduct background checks for certain jobs. Depending on your company's industry, you may need to conduct background checks and may be prevented by statute from hiring employees convicted of particular offenses.


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