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A&A news March 2008


Secure interest-free loans for company shareholders

Banks recently lowered their interest rates nationwide. Now it won't be as painful for clients to borrow funds if a family needs cash for an unexpected home repair or some other emergency. But business owners might do even better than a low-interest loan from the bank.Strategy: Arrange a no-interest loan from a client's company to the owner. This fringe benefit is perfectly legal, but some drawbacks exist:1. The business owner is subject to tax on this benefit.2.

Seven ways to avoid becoming a bad boss

By Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D. President, Discovery Surveys, Inc.Most employees experience a bad boss at least once in their career. Many feel they have never really had a good boss. Insensitivity, failure to communicate, and a lack of fairness are the hallmarks of poor supervision.Why is it that good supervisors are hard to find?Supervising is Not Easy Handling the complex issues of motivating employees and solving job and people-related problems is very difficult. Few are capable of handling these responsibilities well.
Practice Management

Giving your business clients things they need

By Brian Hamilton, CEO, ProfitCentsWhen you go out to dinner, you are usually hungry. When you buy water, you are thirsty. When you buy a winter jacket, you want to stay warm. In these individual cases, the value exchange between buyer and seller is clear and there is a definite need and solution set. In accounting, it’s less certain that we are giving clients what they need. Sometimes, we don’t know what they need, which is born of the fact that we either don’t ask them or they don’t tell us.

Home office deduction makes Top Ten list for government reform

The U.S. Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy has announced its 2008 Top 10 Rules for Review and Reform. The Top 10 are drawn from over 80 rules nominated by small business owners and their representatives as part of the Regulatory Review and Reform (r3) initiative. The recommendations have been transmitted to the appropriate federal agencies for their action.“The strongest and most compelling cases made our Top 10 list of rules,” said Thomas M. Sullivan, Chief Counsel for Advocacy.

NFIB to launch national healthcare campaign

For more than 20 years, small businesses have said healthcare costs are their No. 1 issue. Premium increases are placing an overwhelming burden on small business owners while their employees struggle with large deductibles and diminished access to care. The small business community needs comprehensive healthcare reform to address its unique concerns. In 1994, a healthcare reform package was introduced that did not sufficiently address the needs of all Americans.

How to increase your online visibility using Work.com

Work.com is a new resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners, an online small business community on the Web created to help small business decision-makers solve their most pressing business problems and realize their most compelling opportunities. Our featured guest in this episode of Small Business Trends Radio is Shara Karasic, Community Manager of Work.com. Shara will provide the inside view on how to use work.com as a valuable source of insight for your business - and also the ins and outs of how to use the site to increase visibility for your own business online.

Lights! Camera! Accountants take to the big screen

The stereotypical accountants may seem like they lead an orderly, quiet life, with little excitement or notoriety. And when you think of Hollywood glamour, the image of an accountant might not be the first thing that jumps to mind.

Bracing a business for recession

Economic indicators may point toward difficult times, but effective asset management can help strengthen a business quickly. By Marcus Scholes Economic forecasts are increasingly pointing toward recession, a prospect not missed by executive management teams and the boards of many private and public entities who are exploring ways to proactively strengthen their financial positions so that their businesses may ride out the economic downturn. As a part of a broader fiscal strategy, the move to more accurate and effective asset management can be invigorating to a bu

Microsoft announces worldwide availability of Office Live Workspace

Microsoft Corporation has announced the public availability of Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta, the new Web-based extension of Microsoft Office that lets people access their documents online and share their work with others. Office Live Workspace was among the first entries in the new wave of online services in Microsoft's software plus services vision previewed last fall.Office Live Workspace is now available worldwide in English.
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