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Tax news April 2013


Billion $ Tax Bill? No Problem for Zuckerberg

When your income is in the billions, it stands to reason your tax liability will top a billion dollars too. On May 18, 2012, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took his company public, and his income shot to $13 billion . . . with a "b."

IRS Offers Six Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

With less than two weeks left in the current tax filing season, the IRS has issued six tax tips for the self-employed, a category that includes independent contractors and those who own their own businesses.

IRS Posts Nine Tips for Deducting Charitable Gifts

The IRS often puts charitable deductions under the microscope. This area has been ripe for abuse in the past, but the rules for establishing and documenting gifts to charity were recently tightened.

Survey Reveals Taxpayers Who Procrastinate Pay 33 Percent More than Early Filers

Taxpayers who procrastinate getting their returns prepared or who file for an extension will pay about one-third more in tax preparation fees than those who filed in January or February.

Federal Budget Talks Focus On – What Else? – Taxes

At the very least, key members of the House and Senate are talking to each other about the federal budget. But talk – unlike the mounting debt of the country – is cheap.

Linebacker Romanowski Loses $13 Million Tax Deduction

As a former defensive player, Bill Romanowski should've seen this latest round of trouble coming, but he didn't. Having been a linebacker for several teams over his career, he's seen his share of controversy.


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