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Tax news September 2012


Angel Albert Pujols Living in Tax Hell

Chances are, even greatly higher taxes won't tarnish the halo that comes with a ten-year, $254 million contract to play for the Angels. No matter where he plays, with a salary like that, Albert Pujols will pay the highest rate.

IRS: Proposed Regulations and Policy Change

The IRS has proposed regulations which would change the way costs are allocated on properties a taxpayer buys for resale purposes. In addition, the IRS announced a policy change in Rev. Proc. 2012-39.

NYSSCPA Briefing on the Affordable Care Act

Two months after the Supreme Court decision that found the Affordable Care Act constitutional, compliance deadlines for the complex tax provisions that support the individual mandate are approaching rapidly.

Two Tax Deadbeat Rappers

Two popular Rap artists, Flavor Flav and Bubba Sparxxx, are in big trouble with the IRS. They both owe big bucks for neglecting to pay their taxes.


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