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Tax news September 2009


Expanded NOL election deadline approaches

Eligible taxpayers must act soon if they want to take advantage of the expanded business loss carryback option included in this year’s Recovery law.

Bizarre new twists in the Joe Francis tax evasion case

"Girls Gone Wild" video producer, Joe Francis, is about to go to court for tax evasion. If convicted, he faces ten years in prison. But now, practically on the eve of his trial set for October, there’s been an interesting turn of events.  For at least a year, Francis has been claiming that his legal troubles relating to tax years 2002, 2003, and 2004 were not his fault, but the fault of errors made by a crooked CPA, Michael Barrett.  When Barrett heard those charges, he went straight to the IRS as an informant.

Making sense of health care reform

The debate just keeps on rolling and it doesn't seem to be cooling down. Here are some of the key components put forth by four of the plans that are under consideration, including the tax effects.


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