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What voters said about tax hikes in November elections

As lawmakers try to solve budgetary shortfalls by raising taxes in most states, taxpayers are not pleased, and they said so earlier this month at the polls.
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Slight increase in net hiring projected for first time since Q1 2009

Hiring in accounting and finance is expected to increase slightly in the fourth quarter, according to the Robert Half Financial Hiring Index.

Managing medical marijuana use in the workplace

For employers with operations in the 14 states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, it is a difficult task to juggle the need for a drug-free workplace environment and the rights of employees who have prescriptions to legally use marijuana.

Game, set, match to the IRS

Just before the start of this year’s French Open Tournament, news spread that Murphy Jensen, a doubles champion from the 1993 French Open, was neck deep in hot water with the Internal Revenue Service and two state tax agencies.
Practice Development

After a recession: The time to find niches and opportunities

The period after a recession is not only a time for licking wounds. It is a time for tracking down new business niches and opportunities.

Broke states and broken promises

According to a recent report from the National Association of State Budget Officers and the National Governors Association, state fiscal conditions "have continued to worsen" and state revenues can be expected to lag behind a national economic recovery by one to three years.
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SIFE members' passion for business can be powerful force for change

Students In Free Enterprise, an international non-profit network of students, academics, and business leaders working with businesses and higher education organizations, is in the midst of its regional and national competitions.
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Accounting Scholarship Programs

AccountingWEB has compiled a list of scholarship opportunities for accounting students.

The Internet nexus sales tax debate: "Amazon Laws" vs. the Streamlined Sales Tax Project

While the precise amount of sales tax revenue that is lost through online retailing may be in question, there is little doubt that the amounts are large enough to warrant attention by state budget directors who are looking for money.

2009 Recap of celebrities with tax woes

Television and movie stars, politicians, athletes, musicians - it seems that no one is above the law, particularly when there are taxes involved. Here is a recap of those notables who faced off with the IRS in 2009.

Sports celebrities and their tax troubles

The more money people make, in many cases, the more trouble they seem to have turning over what is owed to Uncle Sam.
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Accounting and finance students help not-for-profits in Project Run With It

For the second year in a row, Moss Adams sponsored Project Run With It (PRWI) in force at the 2009 Beta Alpha Psi Annual meeting in Brooklyn, New York.
Education & Careers

U of Hawaii accounting professor receives Excellence in Teaching award

University of Hawaii West O‘ahu recently recognized an outstanding accounting faculty member for his contributions to the University.

Bullying in the workplace is an international issue

If you thought you left bullying behind along with jump ropes and gym uniforms, think again. The Workplace Bullying Institute, yes there is such a thing, reported last year that 37 percent of the U.S workforce or 54 million employees are being bullied now or have been bullied at the workplace at some point during their careers.

Maryland becomes 18th state to enact CPA mobility legislation

The Maryland General Assembly last week passed a CPA mobility bill that will make it easier for CPAs to do interstate business.

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