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Accounting Scholarship Programs

AccountingWEB has compiled a list of scholarship opportunities for accounting students.
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Accounting and xTREME? Rarely found in the same sentence

The xTREME Games include xTAX, short for "Extreme Tax," and xACT, short for “Extreme Accounting.” Both are case competitions that expose students to real tax and accounting situations.
Community News

CCR LLP Acquires Orlando CPA and Consulting Firm

CCR LLP (“CCR”), one of the nation’s top 100 accounting (as named by Accounting Today magazine) announced that it has combined operations with Geller, Ragans, James, Oppenheimer & Creel, a full-service CPA and consulting firm based in Orlando, Fla.

Unemployment taxes may double or even triple in 2010

State unemployment trust funds have fallen to such a low level that rate increases may be required to rebuild their balances even when employment improves.

Make an offer that the IRS can't refuse

It is essential to do the math before deciding to pursue an Offer in Compromise, else you will not only waste valuable time but may incur thousands of dollars in costs.

Cruising for tax deductions? Try deducting your next Caribbean cruise

Does it seem like your life is all work and no play? Why not consider a business cruise, allowing you to write off travel expenses as business tax deductions?

A simplified explanation and example of SFAS 123R's calculated value method

With the implementation of SFAS123R, the calculated value method is now required for nonpublic companies without an internal market for its stocks or options.

Amnesty deadline looms for offshore account holders

There is still time for taxpayers who have failed over the years to report income in foreign bank accounts to participate in the IRS Voluntary Disclosure program.
Community News

Will calculate for food

Wilson Lauture, a Stamford, CN accountant, isn't taking his recent layoff standing still.
Community News

Five new partners, five new directors named at Citrin Cooperman

Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP, an accounting and business consulting firm based in the Northeast, announced that Anthony DeJesus, Jeffrey Gittler, Elliot Lavietes, Mark Mindick, and Joseph Monaco were admitted to the firm partnership, effective July 1, 2009.
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Top business and accounting graduate schools ranked

For everything, there is a ranking. Accounting and business schools are no exception.

Opinion: Caution - Choice can be hazardous to your financial health

Want to feel young again? There’s nothing that will make you feel like a child faster than being treated like one. But it’s not your old Uncle Fred who wants to limit your choice of ice cream cones to shades of vanilla. It’s Uncle Fed, and he wants to narrow your financial options so you don't stumble into fiscal difficulty.

Bullying in the workplace is an international issue

If you thought you left bullying behind along with jump ropes and gym uniforms, think again. The Workplace Bullying Institute, yes there is such a thing, reported last year that 37 percent of the U.S workforce or 54 million employees are being bullied now or have been bullied at the workplace at some point during their careers.

Lehman, AIG: Protections for investors are limited in financial storm

It is hard to imagine large numbers of Americans glued to their computers and televisions all day following events in the financial markets, but as most see the value of their homes and their retirement assets shrinking rapidly, people are focused on the problems of Wall Street -- on Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Merrill Lynch -- which threaten to overwhelm the news cycle even in an election year.

Sales tax holidays: Love them or hate them?

More than a dozen states and the District of Columbia have sales tax holidays that last at least a couple of days each year, some last much longer. Usually the holiday coincides with back-to-school time to give parents a break on outfitting their kids with necessities. What consumers can buy during the sales tax holidays varies by state, but generally includes clothing, shoes, classroom supplies, and computers, often with a dollar limit. Another popular item that pops up in sales tax holidays is energy efficient appliances for the home.

Debit cards are new option for Social Security recipients

People who receive Social Security can now get their monthly payments on a prepaid debit card, a new alternative to checks or direct deposit. The U.S. Treasury is offering the Direct Express Debit MasterCard card as a safe, convenient way to receive money, according to

CPA mobility legislation gains national momentum

Twenty-three states have approved laws to make it less burdensome for certified public accountants to represent clients across state lines.The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is seeking enactment of similar laws in every state so that a national uniform mobility system will become a reality for CPAs, CPA firms, and the state boards of accountancy that regulate them.

Amazon cries foul: e-tailer sues New York State over sales tax law

The online giant Inc. has filed a complaint with the Supreme Court of the State of New York saying it is unconstitutional to require e-tailers based outside of New York to collect the state's sales and uses taxes.Amazon, which is based in Seattle, filed the complaint on Friday against the new law, which has been coined the Amazon tax since it was passed last month.

Maryland becomes 18th state to enact CPA mobility legislation

The Maryland General Assembly last week passed a CPA mobility bill that will make it easier for CPAs to do interstate business.


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