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California sisters get jail time in father/daughter tax fraud case

Two California sisters have been sentenced to six years in federal prison for their part in a $31 million scheme to defraud the Internal Revenue Service.

Even RoboCop has to pay taxes

Authorities say, RoboCop star Miguel Ferrer owes $289,800 in delinquent state and federal taxes.  Ferrer is the son of late singer Rosemary Clooney, and the cousin of George Clooney.  He is currently trying to sell his home, worth $3.8 million.

U.S. communities take local economy into their own hands

Unwilling to hand over hard-earned paychecks to faceless corporations for goods and services, a handful of communities have created their own commerce.

Intuit introduces ProLine as new SaaS tax software product

Intuit Inc. has announced its new ProLine Tax Online Edition, a program for tax professionals that is free for a limited time.

Tax preparer performance standards to be discussed at public forum

Public forum will address review of paid preparers and produce recommendations to boost taxpayer compliance.

John Dunleavy, former CalCPA CEO, dies

John Dunleavy, who led both the California CPA Education Foundation and the California Society of CPAs, has died. He was 68.

House swapping becoming popular in a down market

House swapping has moved beyond vacation home swapping to what is often called “permanent swapping,” that is, homeowners are now trading their principal residences.

Could accounting standards be the next political football?

Accountants who attended the annual meeting of the American Accounting Association had some weighty questions for their guest, Barney Frank.

Nicolas Cage in tax trouble again

When it comes to income taxes, Nicolas Cage can’t catch a break.
Community News

FEI announces 2009 Hall of Fame inductees

Financial Executives International (FEI) has announced today inductees for the 2009 class of the FEI Hall of Fame.

Chris Tucker, star of "Rush Hour." gets a hefty tax bill from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Tucker just got a bill from the cash-strapped state of California for $3,594,409. A lien was filed against him in Sacramento County Court on June 24th.

XBRL US announces key findings

XBRL US announced key findings from its first-ever XBRL US Pacific Rim Technology Workshop last week in Santa Clara, California.

Is peer review all it's cracked up to be?

Some call it “auditing the auditors.” On a regular basis, professionals cross check each other. That sounds like a good thing. But is it?
Education & Careers

Top business and accounting graduate schools ranked

For everything, there is a ranking. Accounting and business schools are no exception.

Rappers Foxy Brown and Toni Braxton face tax liens

Singers Foxy Brown and Toni Braxton reportedly face hefty tax liens, ranging from $79,315 for Braxton to $641,558 for Brown.

Screaming IRS agent goes to jail

Few things are certain in this life. There's death, and of course we all have to pay our taxes. Here’s a third rule to live by: it is never a good idea to scream death threats at federal agents.
Workplace Fitness

Lawmakers consider employer role in controlling obesity

As American waistlines expand, there's little surprise that this public health issue poses a challenge to the nation's employers. In some states, including New York and California, government regulators are stepping in to urge businesses to take action.

Bullying in the workplace is an international issue

If you thought you left bullying behind along with jump ropes and gym uniforms, think again. The Workplace Bullying Institute, yes there is such a thing, reported last year that 37 percent of the U.S workforce or 54 million employees are being bullied now or have been bullied at the workplace at some point during their careers.

Students help nonprofits during intense BAP competition

Take 50 college students who don't know each other, add several complicated business challenges, give them 12 hours, and what do you get at the end?

Churches vs. the IRS: Showdown on Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Last Sunday, parishioners in churches across the country may have been wondering if their hymns would be replaced by the theme song from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," as their pastors pushed for an IRS showdown. They called it Pulpit Freedom Sunday. Backed by the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund, 33 pastors in 22 states deliberately violated the IRS regulation that says churches and other not-for-profits cannot substantially participate in politics by endorsing or opposing a candidate.


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