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Wealth management news March 2012

Wealth management

Overcoming Obstacles to Wealth Management

There are many changes necessary to create and maintain a thriving, growing, profitable and premier wealth management firm. Defining the specific vision for your firm is the first step. But, once your firm formulates and articulates its vision, the firm leader must have the courage to make decisions and take action.
Wealth management

Helping Your Clients Achieve Sustainable Income for Life

In this installment of Peer2Peer, four champion partners from thriving CPA firms share their success stories using 1st Global’s Sustainable Income Solutions™ (SIS) process and describe how it has changed the way they approach their clients.

Six Ways to Create an Engaging Office Environment This Tax Season

An often overlooked part of marketing and growing your practice involves your physical office arrangement. The appearance of your office should set the client in the right frame of mind to engage you for additional services, including wealth management services.
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