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Wealth management news November 2011

Wealth management

Opportunities to Serve

Many new CPA wealth management advisors, accustomed to tax deadlines driving business, view marketing on par with snake oil hucksters and plaid-coated used auto dealers. But what separates truly communicating your value from a “sales pitch” is this: the truth of your statement, the strength of your conviction and the intention behind each to benefit others.
Wealth management

Wealth Management: What’s in it for You and Why is it Important to Your Firm?

True wealth management firms help their clients with three macro issues: wealth accumulation, wealth protection and distribution and wealth transfer. The spotlight on wealth management is a result of increasing demand from clients, especially baby boomers, for customized personal services.
Wealth management

How Not Providing Wealth Management Services to Clients May Be a Disservice to Them

Chris Boynton, champion partner of Arxis Financial Inc., an accounting firm in Simi Valley, California, shares his firm’s progression into providing wealth management services to his clients and his thought processes behind it.
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