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Education & Careers news November 2011

Education & Careers

New Financial Assessment Tool Helps Consumers with Financial Health

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) has launched a free online financial resource tool for consumers. MyMoneyCheckUp is designed to provide an assessment of a consumer’s overall financial health and behavior.
Education & Careers

2011 Bonuses Should Keep Pace with Previous Year

Bonus checks may be a little bigger this year, a recent survey suggests. Thirty percent of executives whose companies awarded bonuses last year said they plan to give higher bonuses this time around.
Education & Careers

Learn to Play Nice: Your Career Advancement Might Depend on It

It still pays to play nice at work, a new survey confirms. Nearly half of workers interviewed said being courteous to others can help an employee rise through the ranks. Another 41 percent said etiquette plays at least some role in career advancement.
Education & Careers

Closing the Gap: Employers and Employees Increasingly Struggle with Mismatching Talent

Employment professionals working on the ground to place talent within the finance and accounting industry say there's a hidden side to the manpower equation being eclipsed by those statistics: the mismatch between the talent pool and the needs of companies looking to hire.
Education & Careers

Obama's Student Loan Plan: Relief for College Consumers?

Obama's "pay as you earn" student loan program is designed to provide relief to students by making their college loan payments more affordable and easier to pay.
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