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Education & Careers news December 2009

Education & Careers

Today's teens will expect access to Facebook and other social media on the job

Online social networks have become so central to teens' lifestyles that they would consider their ability to access them during working hours when weighing a job offer.

Employer-sponsored education options: Formal assistance programs or work-related fringe benefit

Many employers provide their employees with tax-free education assistance through formal Education Assistance programs, while others offer specific work-related training as a tax-free fringe benefit.
Education & Careers

State hiring credits on the governor's agenda in Maryland

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is pushing hard for a state tax credit – among other measures – that is intended to help his state get people off the unemployment rolls and back to work.
Education & Careers

Global Innovation Tournament winners full of money-saving ideas

The Stanford Technology Ventures Program has announced 22 winners of a global competition that challenged student teams to come up with a way to make saving money fun.
Education & Careers

A can't-miss event for accounting professionals from Intuit… and it's free!

On December 9th, Intuit is providing an opportunity for accounting professionals that is one of those rare moments when you can disregard the old adage, “you get what you pay for” ... because this opportunity is free.
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