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Education & Careers news November 2009

Education & Careers

Can saving money be fun? Students give it a try

Thousands of students around the world have been given the challenge of adding fun to a task that many find difficult, if not impossible – saving money.
Education & Careers

Need more CPE hours? Consider transient training

If you're feeling the grind of accumulating 40 hours of CPE by the end of the year, it's not too late to incorporate learning with some fun in the sun by 12/31.
Education & Careers

Getting the most from live CPE training

Smart CPAs are doing more than just fulfilling their state board requirements, they are trying to squeeze the most value out of their continuing education.

Take advantage of changes in education credits and deductions in 2009

Many more taxpayers may be able to take advantage of education credits and deductions for 2009 because of new legislation.
Education & Careers

Online CPE courses can keep career on track

As the clock continues ticking toward the December 31 CPE deadline, some accountants are turning to online education to meet their requirements without disrupting their work routines.
Education & Careers

Ohio CPAs teach local students 'Smart Money Management' skills

On November 12, fifth-grade students in Brecksville, OH will play the stock market and learn the risks and rewards of real-life investing.
Education & Careers

California tightens restrictions on CPAs

It’s not often that a bill passes unanimously. But when the California legislature voted on AB117, a bill that will regulate the state’s CPAs, there was not a single “no” vote cast.
Education & Careers

Interpersonal skills can trump technical knowledge in job search

Having a winning personality has always helped in making friends or getting a date, but a recent survey confirms it also opens doors in the job search.

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