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Education & Careers news August 2009

Education & Careers

Building the killer resume

Whether you are writing your resume for the first time or updating an existing resume, you'll find that there is usually room for improvement.
Education & Careers

Preview of post-recession job market

Fifty-three percent of employers expect to hire full-time employees over the next 12 months while 40 percent will hire contract, temporary or project professionals and 39 percent will add part-time employees.

Using LinkedIn for job searching

If you're a first time job searcher, you might be new to LinkedIn and haven't had a chance to build a strong business network. So now's the time to get started!
Community News

Different generations in the workplace can collaborate successfully

We hear that older generations are technophobes who resist working in the way the younger generations do and will not bridge the gap technologically.
Education & Careers

U of Hawaii accounting professor receives Excellence in Teaching award

University of Hawaii West O‘ahu recently recognized an outstanding accounting faculty member for his contributions to the University.
Education & Careers

Are college students putting their parents at risk for identity theft?

College students are indifferent when it comes to their personal security. That's among the findings of a new Campus Security Survey of 1,000 college students.
Education & Careers

Accountants loyal now, but may jump ship when economy rebounds

The accounting profession, when compared to the rest of the U.S. job market, has held up well in terms of job losses, shedding less than 2% of jobs since June 2008.

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