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Education & Careers news September 2007

Education & Careers

AGA announces case challenge for undergraduate students

The deadline is approaching for the Association of Government Accountants' First Government Finance Case Challenge. Set to begin Oct. 15, 2007, the challenge will expose students to a thought provoking government financial management case that they could face in their professional careers. Note: This competition is only open to currently enrolled college undergraduate students. Team captains should register the entire team entering this competition.Participating student teams will collaboratively analyze and offer a written response to a case centered on how a U.S.
Education & Careers

Consolidating student loans? Proceed with caution

Before Congress voted to impose fixed interest rates on federal student loans in July 2006, the decision to consolidate student loans and lock in at the lowest average variable rate was a no-brainer for most graduates, according to a recent report in the Christian Science Monitor, but in 2007 each graduate must weigh all of the consolidation options carefully.
Education & Careers

BusinessWeek ranks accounting as best place to launch a career

It's no secret to those of us already in the profession that pursuing a career in accounting is a smart move in today's financial environment. Now the word is out, and accounting firms are dominating BusinessWeek's second annual ranking of the best companies for new college graduates.BusinessWeek based its ranking on three separate surveys: A survey of career services directors at U.S.
Education & Careers

Beta Alpha Psi announces Medal of Inspiration program

Beta Alpha Psi, the honors organization for Financial Information students and professionals, has announced a new program for the 2007-2008 year, the Medal of Inspiration. The 2008 regional and annual meetings will focus on the theme: "Good to Great: From Student to Professional." Beta Alpha Psi students are already "good" students. They have strong GPAs, they contribute to their communities through service, and demonstrate commitment to professional ideals and ethics.
Education & Careers

Accounting professor stars in AICPA Foundation video

In April 1992, Tom Lopez, then a certified public accountant in California, started thinking about switching careers. "I decided that the thing I really wanted to do was teach at the college level," he said. And that would mean earning a Ph.D. in accounting. But Lopez, who is now an associate professor of accounting at the Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina, had a wife and three young children at the time. How could he possibly afford to quit his job and go back to school?
Education & Careers

Ernst & Young launches campus video competition

Leading professional services firm Ernst & Young LLP announced the launch of a video competition for college students in the U.S. and Canada as part of the firm's enhanced efforts to engage and connect with recruits.
Education & Careers

How to Write a Better Resume

Whether you're looking for your first job, hoping for advancement with your current employer, considering a job change, or just getting your records in order, maybe now is the time to make sure your resume is in good shape. Robert Half International offers some tips on building a good resume.A good resume alone won't get you a job. But a bad resume can prevent you from getting an interview. Since your resume is a primary tool in finding a better job, extra time spent on its preparation is a good investment.There is room for some creativity, but not for gimmicks.
Education & Careers

529 College Savings Plans remain a mystery to most parents

Parents are counting on credit to counterbalance skyrocketing college costs, according to The State of College Savings, a survey to assess the state of college savings conducted by the College Savings Foundation.
Education & Careers

Twelve tips for funding that college education

Benjamin Franklin said the only two things that are certain are death and taxes. It's a safe bet that you can add "college costs will continue to rise" to that list. Parents who are looking down the road at college costs for their children may be overwhelmed. How can you afford $15,000 to $40,000 per year for four years when you're struggling to make the mortgage payment each month?

Choosing among tax breaks for college costs

There is a vast array of tax breaks available for college students and their parents. How do you choose which one or ones to use and whose tax return to use it on? Here are some tips to help you figure this out.Lifetime Learning Credit: The Lifetime Learning Credit is available to any student enrolled in college-level courses, including graduate school as well as individual classes taken to improve skills. The credit applies to tuition and fees.
Education & Careers

Saving for college with 529 plans

A 529 plan is a special kind of investment account designed for college saving. Money grows in the account tax-deferred, and the earnings become tax-free if withdrawn and used for college expenditures. Here's how the accounts work:Deposits into the account do not qualify for a federal tax deduction, however some states allow deductions for 529 deposits.
Education & Careers

Accounting honors students give views on job market

Accounting students preparing for the 2007/2008 job market are keenly aware of the value of their skill sets in the market. They have prepared by combining excellent grades and internship experiences with high expectations of reward. Nearly all of them planning to complete their 150 hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam, with most of them planning to attend graduate school. The majority expect to find their future employers through the on-campus interview process. They have realistic expectations of the demands that will be placed on them in the profession they are entering.
Education & Careers

Test your tax skills with this year's ABA Law Student Tax Challenge

The American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Taxation Young Lawyers Forum has released its 2007 Tax Challenge question. An alternative to traditional moot court competitions, the Law Student Tax Challenge asks two-person teams of students to solve a cutting-edge and complex business problem that might arise in everyday tax practice.
Education & Careers

What's a CPA? Accountants take their show to YouTube

Earlier this week we read about the Deloitte Film Festival, wherein members of the firm were encouraged to make video movies depicting life as a Deloitte accountant. The videos are to be used as recruiting tools for the firm. More than 370 films were submitted in the firm-wide promotion.It turns out that Deloitte isn't the only game in town when it comes to finding accountants who want to get in front of the camera.
Community News

Accounting film festival – Deloitte recruiting takes to the screen

Deloitte & Touche USA LLP (Deloitte) recently launched the first-ever Deloitte Film Festival, a new and innovative approach to leveraging employee-generated content to bolster Gen Y recruiting activities and drive workforce engagement.With "What's Your Deloitte?" as the theme of this groundbreaking corporate initiative, all of Deloitte's personnel were encouraged to make short films that express the organization's culture and values.More than 370 short films were submitted by teams of Deloitte personnel (one to seven individuals per team), from offices across the U.S. firms.
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Aronson & Company to award one student a $2,500 professional makeover!

Aronson & Company (A&C), a nationally-ranked top 50 accounting and consulting firm, recently announced its Show Us Your Future video submission contest geared toward college accounting and finance majors entering the job market.In order to win the grand prize, a student-to-professional makeover worth more than $2,500, entrants are asked to submit a three minute video that creatively demonstrates where they see themselves after graduation.
Education & Careers

Women in business are in the spotlight at Texas university

The University of North Texas College of Business Administration hosted Women in Business Week, from September 10-14, 2007.
Education & Careers

Journyx announces Excellence in Project Accounting Philosophy essay scholarship

Journyx - the first company to provide Web-based time tracking and project accounting solutions that guide customers to per-person, per-project profitability – has launched the 2008 Excellence in Project Accounting Philosophy essay scholarship. The scholarship is open to full-time graduate and undergraduate college students at a university in the United States.
Education & Careers

'529 Challenge' offers a year of college tuition as prize

Michigan's 529 plans - the Michigan Education Trust (MET) and the Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP) - are challenging parents to learn about saving for college during September, National College Savings Month.

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