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Education & Careers news July 2007

Education & Careers

Interview techniques: You are what you eat!

Busy professionals often schedule potential new hire interviews during meals because it is the best time to bring people together, but also because the dinner or lunch interview presents an opportunity to evaluate how a candidate handles herself or himself in a social situation. The ability to combine social and business skills is especially important when the position requires entertaining clients or conducting business at meals away from the office.
Education & Careers

Top business schools - does it matter where you attend?

The university a new accounting graduate attended can catch an employer's attention, but it may not guarantee a job offer, according to a new survey. Chief financial officers polled recently were split regarding how much weight the prestige of a candidate's alma mater should be given in hiring decisions.
Education & Careers

House votes to change student aid

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to cut $19 billion in federal subsidies to student lenders over five years, and increase grants for needy students and cut interest rates in half on federally backed loans with the savings. The bill passed, 273-149, with 47 Republicans joining Democrats. While it appears that President George W. Bush opposes some elements of this bill, it is likely that some overhaul of student aid will become law before the end of the year.
Education & Careers

NSA Scholarship Foundation awards 35 scholarships

Since 1969, the National Society of Accountants (NSA) Scholarship Foundation has provided nearly one million dollars to deserving undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to pursuing a career in accounting, helping to develop more qualified young accountants. This year, 35 students will receive scholarships ranging from $500 - $2,000.
Education & Careers

Job market great for accounting grads

The Washington Post is reporting this week that the job market has never looked better for accounting graduates. Citing increased scrutiny of public companies by the PCAOB and the SEC and the impending retirement of thousands of baby boomers from the workforce, it appears that there is no immediate end in site to the demand for accountants.A recent report by the Greater Washington Board of Trade in Washington, D.C., indicated that colleges and universities are unable to keep up with demand.

Maine governor breaks new ground with student tax credits

The state of Maine has raised the bar when it comes to college tax credits.

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