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Practice Management news January 2014


Could Accounting Firms Operate Without Job Titles?

I'd imagine having no job title makes it difficult to explain what you do at parties.

For CPAs, Workplace Wellness Programs Transcend the Fiscal Bottom Line

A recent study by RAND Corporation revealed that when it comes to workplace wellness programs, there may be a distinct difference in the type of programs that reduce costs and lower net savings. However, many accounting firm leaders say their workplace wellness programs do not have costs or savings in mind. Instead, they are designed to keep employees engaged, healthy, and happy.

Bramwell’s Lunch Beat: The Merits of Mentoring

Here are “Bramwell’s Lunch Beat” menu items for January 23.

Here Are Some Best Practices for Admitting New Partners to Your Accounting Firm

As we work through the succession and retirement of senior partners in our firms, a lot of us are also reviewing and updating our internal documents and agreements. A key part of the update should be focused around how we bring new partners into the firm to replace the “old guys."

Three Attainable PR Goals Accounting Firms Can Set for 2014

Based on my history of breaking them moments after I've set them, I'm not a big proponent of setting New Year's resolutions.
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