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Practice Management news March 2011


Flat world update: Use social media internally to flatten your organization chart

Commerce is now global, accessible, and available to all– the world has been deemed flat With all this talk about how flat the world is, it’s amazing how hierarchal our companies and institutions are, especially as professional service firms whose titles create a class system of their own.
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Minimize personality conflicts in your workplace

The motherly instruction to "play well with others" doesn't always travel from the playground to the workplace. Resolving staff conflicts is an ongoing issue faced by supervisors.
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Don’t go another year without a succession plan!

If a key partner decided to retire or became disabled, would your firm have a plan for transitioning clients, choosing a replacement leader, and ensuring continuity of firm vision and strategy?
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Going through the motions: Only 1/3 of workers are engaged in their jobs

Remember mood rings – those unstylish color-changing rings that would give you away if you were embarrassed, in love, or just having a hot flash? Now Globoforce has announced the 21st Century version of the mood ring – the Globoforce Workforce Mood Tracker.
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