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Practice Management news January 2009

Practice Management

Tax season temps: What kinds of work do they do?

With tax season rolling up fast, some CPA and tax preparer firms will supplement their full-time staff with temporary help to ease the workload. What kinds of help do they hire? The answer has changed over time. Some firms hire temps to do actual tax work. But since Internet technology has made it easier to share the workload with colleagues in multi-location firms or to take work home, the tasks for which temps are now hired may be different than they once were. Here's what some firms are doing.
Practice Management

Test your customer IQ

By Barbara BixIt will come as no surprise that customers want it their way (to paraphrase Burger King). Yet many companies don't have processes for figuring out what that means.Take this quiz to assess your customer "IQ" (or "Insight Quotient") and determine the necessary next steps for shortening your sales cycle.The Questions 
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