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Practice Management news November 2008

Practice Management

Ensuring efficient, effective growth

By Gail Crosley, CPA The days of building business by doing good work and chatting over lunch, ending with a firm handshake, are the historical legacy of our profession. But what about the future? Don't get me wrong – CPAs like a good meal as much as ever. But these days, lasting growth is a systematic process based on proven methodologies and metrics. Public accounting has long relied on creating books of business to ensure efficient, predictable success. But things have gotten more complex, as they have throughout corporate America.
Practice Management

MAP survey results show continued growth for CPA firms

A large majority of CPA firms reported continuing strong growth during the past two years according to the 2008 National Management of Accounting Practice survey by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants. "CPA firms continue to do well," said James C. Metzler, CPA, AICPA vice president, small firm interests.
Practice Management

Tips for Generation Y/Millennials' managers and mentors

By Phyllis Weiss HaserotThis is the third of a new series of regular columns by generational expert and internationally known consultant, coach, writer, and speaker Phyllis Weiss Haserot on intergenerational relations and navigating the challenges of the multi-generational workplace for better productivity, retention, succession planning, and business development results.
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