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Practice Management news May 2007

Practice Management

J.H. Cohn Appoints CIO

J.H. Cohn LLP has appointed Robert Grosberg to the position of chief information officer. As CIO of J.H. Cohn, Robert leads the Firm’s efforts to implement business solutions through reliable and efficient technology. “Robert’s appointment solidifies our commitment to leveraging technology to the fullest so we can best serve our clients, and build upon our solid technology infrastructure to support our professionals and staff,” said Kenneth J. Kanter, partner and chair of J.H. Cohn’s Technology and Operations Steering Committee.
Practice Management

Straight Advice for Female Leaders

Presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton’s election campaign is in full swing and there are myriad issues to tackle. Perhaps first and foremost is the fact that Sen. Clinton is a woman. While political correctness often dictates the honesty level in many discussions, the reality is many voters are grappling with how they feel about women in power. Even in the corporate world, female leaders face unique challenges that their male counterparts do not. To demonstrate their strength, many women try to overcompensate and rule with an iron fist, which doesn’t do much for building teamwork.
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Retaining the Start-up Spirit

Despite being almost 20 years old, Cobra Beer still very much retains an entrepreneurial attitude in the United Kingdom. Dynshaw Italia, for instance, is not only the firm's finance director but also heads up its HR and IT departments.
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Abalos & Associates Add Partner

Sandy Abalos, managing partner of Abalos & Associates, PLLC, a full service CPA firm specializing in small and mid-size businesses, has announced that Cheryl Folkerth has been named a partner in the firm, joining Abalos and Barry Friefield.In this position, Folkerth will manage major client engagements as well as develop the firm’s knowledge management system and its conversion to a near paperless office, which will enable staff to work remotely from locations outside of the main office.Her core expertise includes tax planning and preparation, directing financial statement preparation,
Practice Management

Managing Partners & Core Values

“Now the hardness of this world slowly grinds your dreams awayMakin’ a fool’s joke out of the promises we makeAnd what once seemed black and white turns to so many shades of grayWe lose ourselves in work to do - work to do and bills to pay”“Blood Brothers”—Bruce SpringsteenNet income per partner. Workload Compression. Standards Overload. Recruiting. Billable hours. Mergers. Technology. Succession planning. Leadership training. Client retention.
Practice Management

Inexpensive, But Effective Fraud Prevention

Small practices and businesses are more vulnerable to fraud and have more to lose than their corporate cousins, but a few inexpensive changes can do much to prevent workplace fraud.Advertisement

How to Make Collections & Cash Flow More Timely

Outstanding invoices are the scourge of every small business owner, and are even more troubling for accountants who are always pressing their clients to monitor their receivables. Many firm owners don’t want to spend their time and energy on phone calls and e-mails to customers about payment, but some steps can be taken before an invoice is overdue that can lead to effective collections. Accounting software products such as Intuit's Quickbooks Billing Solutions offer efficient and effective invoicing tools.
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