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Practice Development news May 2013


The Benefits of Hosting a Client Seminar

Do you value your clients? Are you doing everything you possibly can on their behalf? Do they view your firm as a leader in the community? If you’re not answering yes to all of these questions, then it’s time to start thinking about hosting a client seminar.

Does It Pay to Diversify?

One way we can help our client investors possibly avoid financial catastrophes and achieve greater returns with less volatility is to encourage them to diversify their portfolios properly. The notion of diversification isn't new but clients don’t always have the knowledge of how to diversify.

Wealth Advisors Embracing Their Independence

Current events can often dictate wealth advisor behavior, particular when it comes to the prospect of becoming an independent advisor. With financial markets riding high and tax season behind us, many CPA firms that sat on the sidelines are now re-engaged and looking for new ways to boost their bottom lines and explore the growth component our industry: wealth management.

Change Your Firm and Yourself: Just Do It

For ten years, Joe Evers, a CPA who owns a small practice in Phoenix, Arizona, attempted to work more proactively with his clients, but he was never able to move his firm in the direction he was hoping for.
Practice Development

Sage Survey: Most Small and Midsized Businesses Not Hiring in 2013

Thirty-four percent of US small businesses and fifty-five percent of midsized businesses say they expect their staffing levels to remain the same in 2013, according to a hiring forecast by Sage North America.
Community News

Company Announcements: Week of May 27, 2013

Following is the latest roundup of community news for the week of May 27, 2013.

The Tools That Build Brands

What identity do you want your firm to have? What do you want people to think of when they hear the name of your firm? Once you've identified your firm's desired positioning, the next step is to plan the branding strategy that will make it a reality.

[Blank] Your Way to a Better Brand

Imagine that your firm comes up in a conversation between two business people. One says, "Smith and Jones, CPAs, sure, I've heard of them. They're the [blank] firm." Now, what do you want the [blank] to be? That's brand positioning.
Community News

Houston CPA Society Grants School $1,052 for Document Cameras

Tipps Elementary School in Houston is expected to purchase four new document cameras this week for classroom use as a result of a $1,052 grant it received on April 23 from the Houston CPA Society’s CPAs Helping Schools program.
Community News

Company Announcements: Week of May 6, 2013

Following is the latest roundup of community news for the week of May 6, 2013.

Top Priorities: Improve Your Marketing, Business Development

A recent survey of CPA firms by Sageworks' ProfitCents Professional Services identified marketing and business development as among the most important management issues facing these establishments.

Merger Gives Marcum Foothold into Real Estate Industry

In an effort to expand its real estate practice, New York City–based national accounting and advisory firm Marcum LLP has merged with Cornerstone Accounting Group, a real estate accounting and assurance firm also based in Manhattan. Financial details of the merger were not disclosed.

What Makes Your Accounting Firm Stand Out?

Is your firm unique? If so, in what ways? Would your clients agree, or is that something employees of the firm, or maybe just the partners, want to believe?
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