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Community News news October 2007

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Accountants sue PwC for overtime pay

Associate and senior associate accountants have filed a class action suit against PricewaterhouseCoopers, alleging that they were improperly denied overtime pay and other benefits during their employment with PwC. Plaintiffs in the case of Campbell v. PricewaterhouseCoopers filed a motion for class certification that seeks to certify a class of all associates and senior associates employed by PwC in the state of California. Specifically, the plaintiffs contend that under California law, only certified public accountants can properly be classified as exempt from receiving overtime.
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Bye-bye cubicles, hello productivity?

The days of cubicles may be numbered, if businesses follow the lead of the company that popularized them in the first place.Intel Corp., which was lampooned last spring for its endless grid of gray cubicles by comedian Conan O'Brien in a video tour, is admitting that cubes don't work for everyone. It plans to test new work spaces in three U.S. locations.
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INSIDE Public Accounting names the best managed accounting firms

INSIDE Public Accounting's Best of the Best honors 25 firms annually for their wise management and superior operational performance in fiscal and management metrics based on 35 criteria. Another 25 firms are recognized with designations as Best of the Best Honorable Mentions.Each of the hundreds of firms participating in the IPA Annual Survey and Analysis of Firms is eligible for the IPA Best of Best honors.
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Record keeping for small businesses

The mindset and behaviors associated with protecting intellectual property start with top management. It's a tough job considering the not-so-surprising latitude for departing employees to take corporate trade secrets with them. The Boston Business Journal reports that even with strict vendor confidentiality agreements, keeping corporate secrets may be difficult. Identifying intellectual property at early stages is a good start."Almost all intellectual property starts out as a trade secret. In a lot of ways, that's the point where it's most vulnerable," James Donnelly Jr.
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