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AccountingWEB Life news February 2010

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Credit card rules change: Do you still know what's in your wallet?

A new set of provisions kicked in under the 2009 Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act (CARD) on February 22. The rules are designed to give consumers a break.
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Accountants share success stories on new Web site

A new Web site,, offers specially certified, non-traditional practitioners a place to tell their success stories.

The answer to your company’s recession is in a cubicle down the hall

We love our secrets: our secret sauce, secret societies, the secret of our success, trade secrets, and our secret weapons. Your greatest secret weapon is…your accounts receivable department.
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Accounting music video launches in time for holiday

"If I Were an Auditor," a song parody of "If I Were a Carpenter," is the first ever music video about accounting performed and filmed in the virtual world of Second Life.
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