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Workplace Fitness news

Workplace Fitness

Day 5: Use an Exercise Ball

Swap out your uncomfortable office chair for a healthier alternative. Exercise balls can improve posture, help alleviate lower back and sciatic pain, and provide a mild workout. And, they're just plain fun! When you're ready to move beyond just sitting, there are a multitude of ball exercises out there.
Workplace Fitness

Day 4: Body Lift

Don't we all want firm, strong arms? Firm arms will enhance your appearance, and strong arms will certainly come in handy when picking up those huge stacks of client files! Use this easy exercise to work on your biceps, your triceps, or both.
Workplace Fitness

Day 3: Buns of Steel™

Here's a great way to prevent "office chair spread" and get buns of steel.
Workplace Fitness

Day 2: Inner Thigh Squeeze

This is a great exercise for your inner thighs. You can do it while you're working, but be good to yourself and take that much-needed break!
Workplace Fitness

Day 1: Upper Back Stretch

As the day progresses, tension can settle in your upper back. Release that tension in just a few seconds with this simple and effective stretch.
Community News

CCR LLP's inspiring health and wellness program

In the fall of 2009, CCR LLP (CCR) rolled out its Corporate Wellness Program, the goal of which was to improve the health and well-being of its employees. As an added bonus, CCR's initiative created camaraderie between offices through friendly competition.

Wellness programs pay off in lowering health care costs

Healthcare costs are rising, but employers are proactively working to curb costs and create healthier workforces -- and employees are getting onboard.
Workplace Fitness

Boots are made for walking at Pennsylvania CPA firm

Sometimes a snowball can become an avalanche. Sometimes it is a small, quiet, personal choice that can gain momentum and create change for many.
Community News

Florida CPA firm has a gym, wellness fair, and Biggest Loser competition

Everyone gets older, even firms. KRCO is a company with a long history of keeping a fresh young attitude toward health and wellness.
Education & Careers

So long office blues -- 8 ways to put a spring in your step

Overdoing it long term is not only counterproductive it can lead to you feeling run-down and despondent. Below I have put together my eight top tips to keep the office blues firmly at bay.
Workplace Fitness

Day 56: Desk chair knee-bends

Every time you bend over to pick up one of those client files that are stacked in piles around your office, you can think of this exercise. Squats can tone muscles throughout your legs, abs, and lower back, and also increase flexibility.
Workplace Fitness

Day 55: Water Bottle Cross Punches

Fitness guru Cindy Whitmarsh shared today's exercise with us. This exercise sculpts shoulders, chest, core, and elevates your heart rate to help burn calories!
Workplace Fitness

Day 54: Stick-Em-Up Stretch

Do this exercise on a daily basis to fend off forward shoulders that ultimately lead to hunching of the upper back.
Workplace Fitness

Day 48: Neck exercises for weary accountants

These exercises will help alleviate the muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and back that comes from sitting for many long hours at a desk. Each of these exercises is done while you are seated at your desk.
Workplace Fitness

CPA firm partner and town mayor makes fitness a priority

When the Mayor is also a partner in the largest local CPA firm in town, fitness in the workplace takes on a whole new meaning. Barbara Bass is the Mayor of Tyler, Texas and one of 6 partners at Gollob Morgan Peddy. She has a wide audience listening when she talks about fitness.
Workplace Fitness

Fitness program starts small, blossoms at Somerset

Office fitness doesn't have to start big. It can start with one person having an idea, and an office that is willing and interested.
Workplace Fitness

FreshBooks employees develop fresh ways to stay fit

FreshBooks this year has taken its fitness activities to a new level. While always an active group, something inspired company employees to come up with more fitness activities.
Workplace Fitness

Accounting firm's relocation produces healthy opportunities

Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt LLP recently relocated its Santa Monica office to Los Angeles, and the firm used the move as an opportunity to increase its support of employee wellness and fitness.
Practice Management

A cautionary tale: Busy season can be life threatening

During the tax season of 1995-1996, Norm Lorch was not feeling well. He had a sore throat, but told himself it would go away. In any case, he did not have time to go to a doctor. Lorch is principal of Owings Mills, Maryland-based Norman J. Lorch, Chartered.
Workplace Fitness

Fitness expert provides tips for office workers

This is the time of year when we are all excited about making positive changes in our lives! This is also the time that some of us start to lose will power and forget our New Years' fitness resolutions!


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