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Workplace Fitness news March 2011

Workplace Fitness

Day 56: Desk chair knee-bends

Every time you bend over to pick up one of those client files that are stacked in piles around your office, you can think of this exercise. Squats can tone muscles throughout your legs, abs, and lower back, and also increase flexibility.
Workplace Fitness

Day 55: Water Bottle Cross Punches

Fitness guru Cindy Whitmarsh shared today's exercise with us. This exercise sculpts shoulders, chest, core, and elevates your heart rate to help burn calories!
Workplace Fitness

Day 54: Stick-Em-Up Stretch

Do this exercise on a daily basis to fend off forward shoulders that ultimately lead to hunching of the upper back.
Workplace Fitness

Day 48: Neck exercises for weary accountants

These exercises will help alleviate the muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, and back that comes from sitting for many long hours at a desk. Each of these exercises is done while you are seated at your desk.
Workplace Fitness

CPA firm partner and town mayor makes fitness a priority

When the Mayor is also a partner in the largest local CPA firm in town, fitness in the workplace takes on a whole new meaning. Barbara Bass is the Mayor of Tyler, Texas and one of 6 partners at Gollob Morgan Peddy. She has a wide audience listening when she talks about fitness.
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