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Workplace Fitness news January 2011

Workplace Fitness

Fitness expert provides tips for office workers

This is the time of year when we are all excited about making positive changes in our lives! This is also the time that some of us start to lose will power and forget our New Years' fitness resolutions!
Workplace Fitness

Promoting healthy habits on a budget

Encouraging wellness and fitness in the workplace does not require a large budget or a huge effort. Sometimes, it just requires a little opportunity and a bit of encouragement.
Workplace Fitness

Day 2: Desktop Yoga! Office Ergonomics!

Does working under tight deadlines and pressure increase your productivity? We all know that during tax season we are all under pressure. Humans by nature are meant to have high and low stress periods and if you prolong those highs you can actually decrease your productivity. Use easy Yoga moves to reduce stress and anxiety and increase productivity.Desktop Yoga Anyone?Here are a few Desktop Yoga moves to help you make it through the day. 

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