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TexSYS RD Changes Name To ePartners

Furthers e-Business Strategy with Acquisition of ThunderBolt Technologies Dallas, TX (March 27th, 2000) – Today TexSYS RD Corporation officially changed its name to ePartners, Incorporated™. The name ePartners more accurately reflects the company’s strategy as well as the solutions and services it delivers to middle market customers. The name also represents the fact that in today’s digital market place, middle market companies need a partner that can deliver the end-to-end solutions and services necessary to web-enable their businesses.
Community News

CPA/Client Confidentiality Preserved in Colorado

A few months ago, AccountingWEB followed with interest the question before the Colorado legislature about CPA-client privelege.

Michigan Association of CPAs Establishes Online University

The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) and the Michigan Virtual University (MVU) are betting that busy certified public accountants are ready to opt for online courses.The two organizations teamed up to offer an alternative to traditional continuing professional education. The two will develop a co-branded virtual accounting and business college. The groups will work with all of Michigan’s 15 public universities, 28 community colleges and 43 independent colleges and universities.

Cautious Times Loom for Public Companies

By now, it's old news that last week, MicroStrategy had to adjust its financial statements to conform to SEC guidelines on reporting revenue in the software industry. This is called a "restatement," and the measure effectively sent the company's stock tumbling over the news that it has not made as much money as previously reported.Experts and analysts have focused on how this one incident affects the rest of the software industry.

Gas-Tax Holiday Proposed

With gas prices rising to astronomical amounts across the country, the government has taken a good look at what it could do to appease the burden on Mr. and Mrs. Average America. The answer could be found in a gas-tax holiday that lasts mid-April to Dec.

Microsoft Ditches Tax Software

Microsoft has decided to suspend its TaxSaver preparation software only three months after the product was released.The software giant spent about two years developing TaxSaver as a product designed to compete with such household labels as Intuit.

Non-CPAs Join Illinois CPA Society

A real revolution is taking place within several of the nation's state CPA societies. The Illinois Society of CPAs has expanded its membership rules to admit non-CPAs as 'affiliate' members.By doing so, Illinois joins the California and New York State CPA Societies in their quest to seek non-CPAs as members.Why? Primarily to capitalize on the knowledge and potential non-CPAs bring to the table, according to Society officials.

CA Shortage Down Under

The United States isn't the only nation experiencing a shortage in accountants.

New Site Promises Hot Leads for Accounting Firms

Companies looking for just the right CPA or accountant may be turning to the Internet to find one. A new site allows companies to sign on and register themselves so accounting firms can call on them. For accounting firms, the promise is hot leads and low is a site geared toward uniting public accounting firms with prospective clients. Companies simply log on to list their companies and their accounting opportunity. Accounting firms then go there to find out how they can help the prospect with their accounting needs.

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up - Issue 35

The AccountingWEB Friday Wrap-Up Newswire - Issue 35March 24, 2000http://www.accountingweb.comIn the news this week:1. SEC, FASB Concerned About Dotcom Accounting Smoke & Mirrors2. Twice as Many Millionaires - Twice the Need For Good Advice3. Why Are CPAs Jumping Ship?4. School Benchmarking Now Offered By PricewaterhouseCoopers5.

Internet Tip: Control Your Modem Volume

If you don't like the screech of your dial-up modem as it connects, you may want to consider changing the volume, which can be done with just a few key strokes. In Windows, go to Start|Settings|ControlPanel|System|Device Manager, and select your modem from the Modems branch. Click Properties, select the Modem tab, and adjust the slider for speaker volume. Caution: Think twice about silencing it completely - it can be very reassuring to hear that screech and knowing that everything is working properly!

The Firm That Has No Meetings

Imagine it — a multi-partner firm with no partners' meetings.Some would say, "thank Goodness!

OrrTax Offers Credit Option

OrrTax Software, the Washington state-based provider of tax services, including the popular IntelliTax service, is one of a handful of companies certified by the IRS to process credit card transactions for taxpayers.Anticipating the approval for some time, the ability to process payments already is included in current versions of the software.Orrtax is partnering with Official Payments Corporation (OPC, formerly US Audiotex), to process transactions on American Express, MasterCard and Discover.

It's 'Elementary' for PWC

PricewaterhouseCoopers and SchoolMatch have just signed an agreement to offer joint consulting services to elementary and secondary schools across the United States.Hot on the list of districts and systems is how each one matches up against the other in terms of test scores, demographics, and other social and economic factors.

I Can IM, Should You IM?

Sure you know what email is, but have you explored instant messaging? Big businesses are starting to use instant messages, or IMs as they are called by old pros, to save time and money. Could this technology be used in your organization?Instant messaging works like email except the message reaches its destination in real time. There’s no waiting around for someone to respond. The user has a list of people in a buddy list that will tell him or her who is online at any given time.

On Campus Recruiting Techniques - with Christy Matheson

Session Moderator: Good afternoon all! We have an information-packed session for you today. I want to welcome Christy Matheson with AtWork Solutions as our Workshop Leader. Christy Matheson began her career in marketing and advertising at an in-house agency for a physician search firm. She later entered the technology field through her position as a Regional Sales Manager for Data Storage Marketing in Dallas.Ms. Matheson served as lead instructor at ExecuTrain, where she gained software training and development experience.

Sage Accountant Alliance Program Gains 1000th Member

Sage Software Inc.’s newly launched program, Sage Accountant Alliance (SAA), just added its 1000th member. The program has been up and running since September 1999 and is obviously providing CPAs needed tools and support.The Alliance is geared toward helping CPAs offer their clients accounting software assistance. This helps CPAs strengthen their role as financial consultants.

Commission Running Out of Time

With corporate interests on one side and state and local government groups on the other, the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce is under the gun to make its recommendations to Congress. The group has until April 21 to submit its recommendations and is meeting for the fourth and final time yesterday and today. The Commission started its long trip toward these recommendations last June.Yesterday, the 19-member committee voted 11-7-1 to accept a proposal written by the six business-community members of the Internet.

Analyzing the Andersen Consulting/Microsoft Partnership

By now, it's old news that Andersen Consulting and Microsoft joined to form Avanade, a new venture to help the software giant implement solutions for e-Commerce.
Community News

Consolidators in UK: Tenon Closes In

While the United States has its own success stories and horror stories about consolidators like American Express and H&R Block, the United Kingdom is witnessing its first wave of a business model similar to these giants.The Tenon Group has been formed to acquire accountancy practices and advisory services' practices, and plans to build the business into a powerhouse with revenues greater than $100 million pounds.But the real news lies in the fact that Tenon will be a publicly traded stock--a real departure for the U.K.


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