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Deltek Systems, Inc. Embraces aecXML™ Project, Joins International Alliance for Interoperability

McLean, Virginia - March 30, 2000 - Deltek Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTK). Deltek and the International Alliance for Interoperability (the Alliance) announced that the McLean-based enterprise solutions provider joined the aecXML Project. Deltek and the Alliance are joining forces to define the Extensible Markup Language (XML) standards for project and business-to-business communications in the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.
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The Keys To Differentiation

Suzanne Lowe, President of Expertise Marketing, recently led a workshop for AccountingWEB entitled Differentiation: The Key to Success For Accounting Firms.The workshop was based on the results of the firm's study "Differentiation: How Are Professional Service Firm

Inc.'s Top 10 Web Sites For Small Business

The April 2000 issue of Inc. magazine features a very informative article where CEOs were asked to "test drive" and rate the best reference web sites for small business.General conclusion: all the sites had something of value, but none of them were at a level that sophisticated CEO's needed to help them run and manage their business.The good news is that many of the sites offered their own unique "golden nugget" - an application that really added value to the experience.

New Study Highlights Importance of Company Web Site

Thinking about hiring that whipper-snapper you’ve had your eye on? Well, what does your Web site look like? A new study conducted by, a leading career site providing online recruitment strategies and research for corporations, one in two employee prospects responded that a company’s Web site is an important factor and does influence their decision of where to work.

Financial Returns Off for HMO Contracts

No one ever said dealing with HMOs was easy; in fact, physicians whose staff negotiates with payers on a daily basis can attest to the fact that financial returns are less than expected.This and other findings were reported in the 15th Annual Health Care 2000 report from VHA, Inc. and Deloitte & Touche.

Sunny Future for Hiring, Says CFOs

The strong economy has truly narrowed the unemployment gap, and nowhere is this happening more so than in the financial marketplace.

'Value' of Dotcoms Complicated

Performing a valuation of a brick-and-mortar business is often a complex engagement given the historical financials that must be reviewed along with other assessments. Do the same rules apply for the dotcoms of the world?Hardly.

Orrtax Takes Over TaxSaver from Microsoft

More news to report on Microsoft's transition for its TaxSaver product.AccountingWeb reported a story late last week that Microsoft had ceased offering its TaxSaver software and signed a deal with H&R Block.Now, according to published reports, Orrtax will pick up the ball for Microsoft.

PWC Says 'No' to SEC Big Brother Campaign

PricewaterhouseCoopers has said this week that the firm definitely would not participate in a bid process identifying firms that could help the Securities and Exchange Commission monitor Web sites.PWC said the SEC's online version of 'wire tapping' might invade the privacy of otherwise innocent people. The accounting firm, along with more than 100 other companies, were invited in January to submit a bid on an automatic surveillance system.The SEC is collecting data from online chat rooms, Web sites and forums to identify potential fraud schemes.

Big 5 Consultants Form e-Commerce Security Company

With only 2,000 certified security professionals worldwide, a new company stands to make a big splash. Six consultants from Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG just left the security of the Big 5 landscape to form their new company, Foundstone Inc. The company will provide security solutions for companies and plans to address the severe shortage of security experts available today.The founding white hat experts plan to reduce the chasm between e-Commerce and security.

Differentiation: A Key To Success - with Suzanne Lowe

Suzanne LoweExpertise MarketingSession Moderator: Suzanne Lowe is the president of Expertise Marketing, a business dedicated to providing marketing and management counsel to the leadership of service firms, especially those in professional services throughout the US and Canada.Clients work with Expertise Marketing to identify, package and build their unique intellectual capital.

Email Schemes Continue - Be Aware!

Email has brought tremendous changes to the way we communicate, conduct business and stay in touch. Perhaps more than any other profession, marketers rely on electronic communications to sell a variety of products and services, and to keep an ever-watchful eye on the 'next big trend.'It's here, and it's called 'Tell-a-Friend,' an email feature to encourage recipients to open the piece of mail and read its contents.

Horizontal Organization Creator Joins Deloitte & Touche

The man who originated the concept of the horizontal organization has joined the Human Capital Advisory Services practice at Deloitte & Touche, LLP. Frank Ostroff is credited with what is arguably the first actionable alternative to the functional vertical hierarchy that has dominated business since the industrial revolution.Ostroff will lead the firm’s National Organization Design practice. His concepts have helped businesses dramatically improve performance along the dimensions of speed, customer satisfaction/responsiveness.

Texas CPAs Favor Non-CPA Ownership

In the future, the way in which CPAs practice accounting in Texas may be very different, as dramatic changes to the Texas Public Accountancy Act take shape.An overwhelming 79 percent of respondents in a new Texas Society of CPAs' poll favor non-CPA ownership.

TexSYS RD Changes Name To ePartners

Furthers e-Business Strategy with Acquisition of ThunderBolt Technologies Dallas, TX (March 27th, 2000) – Today TexSYS RD Corporation officially changed its name to ePartners, Incorporated™. The name ePartners more accurately reflects the company’s strategy as well as the solutions and services it delivers to middle market customers. The name also represents the fact that in today’s digital market place, middle market companies need a partner that can deliver the end-to-end solutions and services necessary to web-enable their businesses.
Community News

CPA/Client Confidentiality Preserved in Colorado

A few months ago, AccountingWEB followed with interest the question before the Colorado legislature about CPA-client privelege.

Michigan Association of CPAs Establishes Online University

The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) and the Michigan Virtual University (MVU) are betting that busy certified public accountants are ready to opt for online courses.The two organizations teamed up to offer an alternative to traditional continuing professional education. The two will develop a co-branded virtual accounting and business college. The groups will work with all of Michigan’s 15 public universities, 28 community colleges and 43 independent colleges and universities.

Cautious Times Loom for Public Companies

By now, it's old news that last week, MicroStrategy had to adjust its financial statements to conform to SEC guidelines on reporting revenue in the software industry. This is called a "restatement," and the measure effectively sent the company's stock tumbling over the news that it has not made as much money as previously reported.Experts and analysts have focused on how this one incident affects the rest of the software industry.

Gas-Tax Holiday Proposed

With gas prices rising to astronomical amounts across the country, the government has taken a good look at what it could do to appease the burden on Mr. and Mrs. Average America. The answer could be found in a gas-tax holiday that lasts mid-April to Dec.

Microsoft Ditches Tax Software

Microsoft has decided to suspend its TaxSaver preparation software only three months after the product was released.The software giant spent about two years developing TaxSaver as a product designed to compete with such household labels as Intuit.


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