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Judge Stops Microsoft Hearing; Ruling Pending

On Wednesday, in an abrupt turn of events, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, shut down any further testimony on the Microsoft Antitrust case. He advised each side to file any final papers by the end of the week.This was the first set of hearings since the news last month that Microsoft allegedly maintained a monopoly with its operating system.
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National Law Journal Features new CPA Column

Earlier this week, AccountingWeb published a story regarding the overwhelming number of lawyers working in CPA firms.The media also recognizes this trend, and beginning next week, the National Law Journal will begin a new column devoted to accounting-related issues within the Big 5 firms.The column will include information on the Big 5 firms and how lawyers affect the practice of law and accounting.

Trent Kaeslin

Trent KaeslinPractice Development ConsultantResults Accountants's SystemsI was born and raised in Stockton, CA. For those of you who don't know the location of Stockton, it is in Northern California. I attended private school, since I needed intense close supervision, as my parents so eloquently put it to me. I think it was merely my adventuresome spirit.

International Organization Approves Restructuring Plan

The International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) has just approved adopting a new constitution that may just open the door for U.S. securities regulators to accept global accounting standards in financial reporting. The IASC, which is comprised of professional accounting organizations from more than 100 countries, is in store for major restructuring.U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt chairs the IASC’s Nominating Committee.

Business Week Magazine Names Deltek Systems One of the Nation's Top 100 "Hot Growth" Companies for 2000

McLean, Virginia - May 24, 2000 - Deltek Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTK) ( Business Week magazine named Deltek as one of the nation's top financial performers, ranking the enterprise software provider 23rd in the magazine's just-released annual ranking of the 100 "Hot Growth Companies" for 2000. The Business Week ranking reflects Deltek's success as a leading provider of professional services automation solutions to professional services firms and other project-based organizations.

US Unveils New Currency Today

The US Government is issuing new $5 and $10 notes today, as part of an increased effort to guard against counterfeiting measures.Banks will begin receiving shipments today, but the general public probably won't see the bills for another week or so, depending on the current supply of $5s and $10s in the bank's vaults.The bigger portraits of Lincoln and Hamilton, the nation's first treasury secretary, are easier to recognize, while the added detail make the currency harder to duplicate.

Newsletters – Why, When and How

Is your newsletter getting the results you desire? Do you know what results you want? That is the question you should first ask yourself. Why. "Why do we need a newsletter and what do we want it to do for us?" So many companies produce or buy a newsletter simply because the competition does. If this is your modus operandi, scrap it in favor of strategy. Your newsletter should be a tool you use to connect your clients to your business goals.

Reality Check: Tax Breaks on Stock Options

Current legislation swiftly moving through the House of Representatives could ensure that employees receive tax incentive breaks when they exercise their right to purchase stock from their employers.Controversy exists, of course. Labor unions and Democrats have gone public in saying that the legislation needs to make certain employees don't abuse this privilege by replacing traditional retirement plans with stock buys.Current rules state that employees have to pay taxes when they buy shares.

AICPA Gets Green Light for Internet Portal

AICPA Council Members voted at the Spring Council meeting to proceed with the new Internet portal project, called '' The portal will be set up as a separate, publicly traded business, and already has received $107 million in start-up venture capital funding.Plans for the portal include offering business services for the profession, including CPE training, a national directory of firms, and information on technical topics.

Benchmarking Your Organization- with Ric Payne

Ric PayneResults Accountants SystemsSession Moderator: Good afternoon to you! I'm excited about our workshop this afternoon. Benchmarking is truly one of the things that can impact your firm's performance. We are thrilled that Ric Payne, CEO and President of Results Accountants’ Systems, is here to lead this workshop.Please allow me to introduce Ric Payne to you.

Hot News: ITA is Newest AICPA Member Section

In a revolutionary move, the AICPA and the Information Technology Alliance (ITA) have announced the integration of the ITA into the Institute as a firm and company membership division.Called the 'Information Technology Alliance Section,' the ITA is counting on the support from AICPA to help serve its community of CPAs and non-CPAs, and reciprocally for the AICPA's membership interested in information technology consulting.The AICPA's governing body approved the integration on May 21st at its Spring Council meeting

Modelling and What-If? Analysis With Pivot Tables

All accountants use spreadsheets for financial modelling and “What if?” analysis. However, the unstructured format of the traditional spreadsheet means that large models especially can turn out to be a house of cards, with no-one trusting the results or understanding how they are arrived at.For the results to be trustworthy, the source data has to be properly structured in the first place.

Pivot Tables Turn On Financial Modeling

Consultant David Carter's latest tutorial shows accountants how they can make the most of the spreadsheets used in financial modelling and "What if" analysis by applying the power of the pivot table to produce reliable and trustworthy results.Carter's latest work, which follows in a long line of the ever-popular pivot table tutorials, is easy to follow and brings noticeable rewards. With it, accountants can manage sizeable spreadsheets for modelling and What if's with the minimum of effort.

Harcourt Sells Off Accounting and Tax Products

Wolters Kluwer has acquired the professional tax, accounting and related products of Harcourt, Inc.'s Professional Publishing unit.The products will become part of Aspen Publishers in Gaithersburg, MD., a member of Wolters Kluwer Legal, Tax & Business North America.At the same time, Wolters Kluwer has sold its one-third interest in MD Consult to Harcourt so that Wolters can focus on subscription-based electronic information services through Ovid Technologies.
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ASPs Offer Cost and Time Savings to Small Businesses

By Sheri Jacobs, Director of Association Marketing and Business Development for
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Legal Eagles Stack up in Accounting Firms

The accounting profession hasn't gotten to where it is by resting on its laurels. For years, the Big Five firms have known that it is less expensive and more efficient to have lawyers on staff rather than engage lawyers outside the firm.Now, someone has actually counted the numbers and the Big Five wins!

Complete Access To Tech2000 Conference Materials

If you were not among the several hundred attendees at the recent AICPA/ITA Tech2000 conference in Atlanta, but are still interested in the presentations, today is your lucky day!With the kind permission of AICPA's Andrea Carella, who did a terrific job as coordinator of the conference, AccountingWEB members can now access all the available PowerPoint presentations from the conference on-line.Simply point your browser to and when prompted use the Username "Tech2000" and the password "AICPA" (both are case-se

Activity-Based Costing Proves Worthwhile

A new study reveals how activity-based costing (ABC) can be applied to a single department of a major institution of higher education to manage systems more effectively.The study was funded by The PricewaterhouseCoopers Endowment for The Business of Government, and is called 'Using Activity-Based Costing to Manage More Effectively.' Authors are Professor Michael H. Granof, Assistant Professor David E.

Hourly Workers Gain Right to Stock Options

New legislation signed by President Clinton now allows all workers to receive stock options from employers. The new law ensures that hourly workers can now receive similar stock option benefits that salaried employees have enjoyed for years.Earlier this year, an advisory letter released by the Labor Department threatened to force employers to count stock options toward the overtime compensation levels of hourly employees.

Accountants Join IPO Process as Most Trusted Advisor

When it comes to an Initial Public Offering (IPO), the media may lead you to believe that the most important links to companies are venture capitalists and investment bankers.


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