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Jeffrey S. Locketz, CPA, CNE

Jeffrey S. Locketz, CPA, CNELBL Technology Partners, a division of Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Co., LLPJeff is a 1980 graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, Computer Science and Business Administration. He has also received his certification as a Novell Netware Engineer.Jeff specializes in consulting with business owners needing help with their management information systems and internal control structures.

Pay-Per-View Content Debuts on AccountingWEB

E-commerce doors are open for business as the first of what should be many pay-per-view content selections debuts on AccountingWEB. Working in conjunction with First Research, Inc., AccountingWEB is pleased to offer Industry Profiles on over 80 different industries, providing marketing and business development information, ideas and resources. Look for additional pay-per-view resources to be added regularly.

Geoffrey H. Wold, CPA

Geoffrey H. Wold, CPALBL Technology Partners, a division of Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Co.,LLPGeoff Wold is a member of the LBL Technology Partners, a division of Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Co., LLP. Previously, Geoff was employed from 1975 to 1999 at McGladrey & Pullen in the capacity of National Director of Information Technology Consulting and National Director of Integrated Technology Solutions.

The Public's Profession

SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt spoke to members of the AICPA at the Fall Council meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 24, 2000. Below is the text of his speech.The Public’s Professionby Chairman Arthur LevittU.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Fall Council of the American Institute of Certified Public AccountantsLas Vegas, Nevada October 24, 2000 I'd like to thank Barry and the leadership of the AICPA for the invitation to be here today.

Like Avis, Ellison Tries Harder to be Number 2

Being the second-wealthiest man in America is a real feat. Consider the odds and you're left with a percentage that would probably shock even the most die-hard gamblers in Las Vegas.Holder of this title is Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, who is worth an estimated $40 billion. Oracle bet the farm and won respect by harping on how important databases were in the cyberspace and computer continuum.

A Look at Lucent's CFO: Cause or Effect?

Most people know about the ongoing barrage of problems facing Lucent, including the recent firing of CEO Richard McGinn. Now that the dust from his departure has settled, analysts are beginning to scrutinize other areas of the company, including the role played by CFO Deborah C. Hopkins.Hopkins came to Lucent last spring, having left Boeing with a string of successes to her credit. Lucent hired her to help fix the problems plaguing the company--not an easy task given McGinn's record for wanting to run things his own way.

Special Report Covers Public Company & Software Valuation

Most of us may take the impact of the software industry for granted, but according to sources, this one business sector contributes more to the U.S.

XBRL: An Update on the Future of Financial Reporting, with Mike Willis

Session Moderator: I must thank Mike Willis for returning to our workshop series to give us an update and peek into the future of XBRL.Let me introduce Mike quickly and then we'll get onto what you came to "hear!" Mike Willis, CPA is the Partner and Deputy Chief Knowledge Officer of the Audit Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP. He brings more than 18 years of experience to the table. He has responsibilities for applications and software tools used by the global audit and accounting profession of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Mr.

Powerful Accounting on the Web

Join David Thomas, President of Intacct Corporation, in a live workshop discussion about powerful accounting on the Web, next Thursday, November 2, at 4:00 Eastern time.Topics for discussion will include: - Introduction to Intacct- Live Demo of the Web- Market Size- Key Features & Benefits of Web Accounting- e-PracticeBring your questions and find out all about how Web accounting is changing the way companies think about keeping the books.Workshop sponsored by Arthur Ander

David Thomas

David C. ThomasCo-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerIntacct CorporationDavid Thomas brings more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of accounting and Internet architecture to his role as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Intacct Corporation. Thomas first developed accounting solutions in 1980, when he founded Cyma Systems, Inc., a leading provider of PC-accounting software.

CCH Offers Tool for Financial Planning

CONTACT:MARY DALE WALTERS847-267-2038mediahelp@cch.comNEIL ALLEN847-267-2179allenn@cch.comCCH ENTERACT OFFERS REAL-TIME, INTEGRATED SOFTWARE TOOL FOR FINANCIAL PLANNING(RIVERWOODS, ILL., October 30, 2000) – CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax and business law information and software, has introduced a powerful and valuable personal financial planning software system for those providing financial planning services.

Are You Ready to Vote?

Test your knowledge of where the candidates stand on Social Security, the Economy, Education, and Health Care with this quick quiz. Make sure you understand the positions of the major candidates by taking these four quick pop quizzes. It's always helpful to have a little extra knowledge in your pocket before you head for the polls.And while you're thinking about voting - don't forget - next Tuesday, November 7, is Election Day.

Insight into the Role of Boards of Directors

This article abstracted with permission from the Financial Management Network.The rapid growth rate of venture-backed companies makes it exceedingly difficult yet increasingly important to build and maintain a company’s team, which includes the board. That team must grow and change as the company matures.
Community News

Elton John has his day in Court with PwC

It's Goodbye Yellowbrick Road and Hello High Court in London, where Sir Elton John is suing both PricewaterhouseCoopers and a former business manager for negligence in managing his money several years ago.Apparently, there is 20 million pounds missing that can be traced to a man named Andrew Haydon, the former managing director of John Reid Enterprises (JREL).

New Rule Divides Wall Street

The Regulation Fair Disclosure rule (Reg FD) went in effect on Monday, October 23, 2000. US markets began a new period of open and fair communication. At least that is what regulators hope! Wall Street met this new rule against selective disclosure leaks with divided opinions.The Regulation Fair Disclosure (Reg FD) rule is intended to level the investment playing field for the small investor. This regulation will aim to eliminate some of the advantages securities analysts and institutional investors have.

The Tale of the Portal: Who Survives?

If CPAs and accounting professionals are like every other profession, members have sought out the likeness of the 'portal,' or gateway to the Internet, to perform a variety of tasks.According to a new report from MSNBC, the news service believes there are only three viable players left in the portal business: Yahoo!, MSN and America Online. Why?The financial impact, mostly.

FASB Creates Possible Solution to Debt vs. Equity Issue

With venture capitalists still running amok to fund start-ups and other endeavors, the accounting rules applying to debt versus equity have been under scrutiny for some time.Late last week, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) proposed a solution to the rule: it would establish standards for accounting for financial instruments with characteristics of liabilities, equity or both.The new rule also would establish standards for certain issues related to accounting for the non-controlling interest in a consolidated subsidiary.

Smelly Computers Add Atmosphere to Workplace

Forget to splash on some cologne this morning? No problem - just choose an aromatic scent from the Internet and stay close to your computer. Office getting a little stuffy on a hot summer day? Kick on the cool scent of an evergreen forest and close your eyes. The office may never smell the same again thanks to the efforts of California-based DigiScents, a company that plans to bring smells to computer users via the RealPlayer program.

Retired U. of Arkansas Prof Receives Endowed Chair

Fifty years as a teacher can either make or break a person. 'Make' is certainly the road of choice in the case of Doris Cook, a retired accounting professor at the University of Arkansas, who just received an endowed chair from the Sam M. Walton College of Business Administration.Cook's career began at a time when many women didn't enter the accounting profession, much less teach it for half a century.

Microsoft's Rent-a-Program Set to Launch

Beginning in November, Microsoft will make its products available on a per use basis in the new easyEverything café set to open in New York City's Times Square.


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