Dell Pulls in Reins on Linux

Dell Computer has announced plans to discontinue pre-installation of Linux software on its desktop and laptop computers. The change is due to low demand for the product.Linux is an alternative to the Windows operating system, and the software for Linux can be downloaded at no charge from the Internet."Not that many customers are using Linux for their desktop systems," said Jim Mazzola, a spokesman for Dell.

Are 529 Plans the Best Way to Save for College?

Are 529 Plans the Best Way to Save for College?Presented by Rick Darvis, CPAOwner of Darvis AccountingContact mrfinaid@nemontel.netThursday, August 9, 2001Visit the AccountingWEB Workshop Calendar for upcoming sessions.SummaryWorkshop Highlights:General description of a 529 PlanControl features of the 529 PlansFinancial aid effect of 529 PlansThe type of client 529 Plans best suitIncome and gift

Ten Tips for Effective Online Job Postings

With candidates in short supply, there is fierce competition among companies for qualified candidates. Effective online recruitment advertising can be the key to attracting the talent your company needs. The cornerstone of this type of advertising is the job posting.An online job posting must be approached differently than traditional employment advertising.

How Well Do You Know Your 401(k)?

A recent discussion about 401(k) plans resulted in a quick quiz that you can take to find out just how much you know about basic 401(k) facts.Follow this link to take the quiz and find out if you know the answers to 10 quick questions about such topics as the tax treatment of 401(k)s, employer and employee rights regarding the plans, the annual limit on contributions, and just what that (k) stands for.You can also call your clients and ask them the same questions - find out if you have d

New Income Tax Brackets

by Julian Block, attorney and former IRS investigatorPresident Bush achieved a big opening victory with his Reaganesque ten-year, $1.35 trillion tax cut. The package provides the biggest reduction since 1981 and cuts individual income-tax rates for everyone for the first time since 1986. To garner the support of a closely divided Congress, the latest overhaul of the Internal Revenue Code includes diluted or deferred versions of Mr.

KPMG Consulting Earnings Fall

Earnings before charges fell by 21% for the fourth quarter at KPMG Consulting as the firm started to feel the economic pinch.Operating earnings for the fourth quarter ending June 30, 2001, were $33.5 million, compared to $42.2 million reported in the prior quarter.Revenue for the twelve months ending June 30, 2001, was $2.9 billion compared to $2.4 billion in the prior fiscal year, an increase of 21%. Revenue for the fourth quarter was $723 million, an increase of nearly 8% over the fourth quarter of the prior year.

Free 401(k)s, and Compensation for Professionals

Free 401(k) and the Ability for Professionals to be CompensatedPresented by Tom PalkaRIA TechnologyContact tom@401konsite.comWednesday, August 8, 2001Visit the AccountingWEB Workshop Calendar for upcoming sessions.SummaryNow everyone can have a 401(k)Features of free 401(k) – no administration feesTrue, non-proprietary mutual fund

It's (Un)Official - New SEC Chair Sworn In

The Web site,, is reporting that Harvey Pitt was sworn in as the new chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week in a private ceremony. No official announcement of the swearing in has occurred, and Mr. Pitt is reportedly on vacation and unavailable for comment."We haven't made an announcement on that yet," was the official SEC response from spokesman John Heine, who refused to deny the report of the ceremony.Before leaving town, Mr. Pitt appointed David Levine, former SEC chief of staff, to a return engagement in the same position. Mr.
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E&Y Takes Top Spot Survey of Top 100 Firms

A position that was once the exclusive possession of Arthur Andersen now seems to be up for grabs. The CPA Personnel Report Annual Survey of Accounting Professors placed Ernst & Young in the top spot and Deloitte & Touche in second place. Andersen, which tied for first place with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) last year, and which held the top spot alone for the 17 years prior to 2000, found itself in third place. PwC is now fourth place, followed by KPMG, BDO Siedman, Grant Thornton, and McGladrey & Pullen.The annual survey polls accounting faculty members from across the country.

Outlook Tip: Color Code Incoming E-Mail Messages

With the huge quantity of e-mail messages that arrive in the average businessperson's mailbox each day, this tip for e-mailbox organization should really come in handy. To make sure you see certain messages when they arrive, try associating colors with important senders. Color code a sender so that all messages from that sender appear in a particular color:Click the Organize button that appears on the toolbar at the top of your Outlook window, or choose Tools, Organize from the menu bar.

E-Mail Battle of the Bulge Produces New Opportunity

Flooded with rising volumes of customer e-mail, companies face a problem with only two answers: assign more customer service agents to e-mail response duties, or deploy an e-mail management response system. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, a leader in strategic marketing and training, reveals that more companies are implementing e-mail management software to battle customer e-mail backlog and consequently rocketing this market to a projected $2 billion by 2007.

National Network of Accountants Expands to CA, PA, & VA

The National Network of Accountants, one of the leading providers of personal financial planning training and support services for CPA firms, has announced the expansion of its services to San Jose, California, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Virginia Beach, Virginia. This move follows the organization's continued growth in the New York Metropolitan area and 1999 expansion to the Boston, Massachusetts market. The New York headquartered National Network of Accountants brings financial planning training and support services to accountant firms to three new regions.

We Are Cognitors

By Ronald J. Baker, Daniel D. Morris and Justin H. Barnett - Founders, VeraSage InstituteIf Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock–Justice Arthur Goldberg, 1908-1990Engage in this thought experiment: The following individuals go to some omnipotent body, such as a governmental industrial planning board similar to Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), with an idea for introducing a new product or service into the marketplace: 
Community News

SEC Rules Force Sale of PwC's Corporate Value Arm

New SEC rules on auditor independence have forced PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to sell its US corporate value consulting (CVC) arm to Standard & Poor.The CVC unit had revenue of around $100 million last year and employed 400 employees in 13 US offices.

Study Shows Consulting Does Affect Auditor Independence

Academics have found that the provision of consulting services to audit clients can have a serious effect on a firm's perceived independence.And the new SEC rules designed to counter audit independence violations could increase the pressure to provide non-audit services to clients to an increasingly competitive market.The study (pdf format), by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, showed that forecast earnings were more likely to be exceeded when the auditor was paid more for its c

Managing AccountingWEB E-Newsletters

One of the benefits of being a registered member of AccountingWEB is the ability to receive any or all of the specialty E-Newsletters that AccountingWEB distributes. These E-Newsletters are meant to be brief, relevant and helpful to you in your job.If you wish to be removed from one, or all E-Newsletters, please choose an e-wire below to be removed from.

The Value of Direct Marketing and Lead Generation

The Value of Direct Marketing and Lead GenerationPresented by Larry Bildstein, CPAPresident and CEO of The Whetstone Group.Contact: larry_bildstein@thewhetstonegroup.comTuesday, August 7, 2001Visit the AccountingWEB Workshop Calendar for upcoming sessions.SummaryDirect Marketing is an effective marketing tactic to get the at

Second Generation Code Red Worm is At Large

Last week's Code Red worm scare set the stage for an even bigger threat - the Code Red II worm was unleashed this past weekend and is infecting machines that were not patched last week.

AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 12

AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 12 August 6 - 10, 2001 This AccountingWEB Resource Guide Sponsored by: Oracle Small Business ACCOUNTINGWEB'S RESOURCES1. Workshop: The Value of Direct Marketing and Lead Generation2. Workshop: Free 401(k) and the Ability for Professionals to be Compensated3. Workshop: Are 529 Plans the Best Way to Save for College?4. Creating Value with Business Benchmarking5. AccountingWEB's CareerZONE6.
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SEC Looking For a Few Good Accountants

The Office of the Chief Accountant of the Securities and Exchange Commission is accepting applications for four Accounting Fellow positions.


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