AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 9

AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 9 July 16 - July 20, 2001 This AccountingWEB Resource Guide Sponsored by: EPS Software OutlookSoft Corporation Intuit's QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program ACCOUNTINGWEB'S WEEKLY FEATURED RESOURCES1. Workshop: Offers in Compromise - The Latest Strategies2. Workshop: CPA Firm Information Management3. The Role of the Marketing Director and What Creates Marketing Results4.

IRS Subject of Treasury Department Sting Operation

The kinder, gentler IRS may be striving for excellence, but undercover Treasury agents have found something less than quality service at IRS walk-up centers around the nation.A sampling of 49 IRS taxpayer assistance centers across the country between January 29 and February 9 this year disclosed the following:Of 90 questions involving issu

New Leader Chosen for Women Accountants

A new president has been elected by the American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA). Denisa Jones, CPA, has been an ASWA member for 12 years and has served previously for her local board as treasurer, vice president, and president.Ms. Jones has also served as south central area director, national board director, secretary, vice president programs and services, and vice president membership."ASWA is such a unique organization serving women both professionally and personally. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to be part of its leadership," said Ms.

Accenture Ready to Launch IPO

Accenture, the consultancy firm that split off from Arthur Andersen, is primed for its initial public offering, scheduled for Wednesday of this week.The firm hopes to gain about $1.6 billion from investors who will purchase up to 20 percent of the consultancy giant for $13 to $15 per share.Analysts are predicting the IPO will turn into a good long-term investment, in spite of a lackluster economy and the somewhat disappointing performance of sha

CPA2Biz Acquires Capital Professional Advisors

CPA2Biz announced today that it has acquired Capital Professional Advisors, Inc., the exclusive provider of financial services to 17 top public accounting firms in the U.S.CPA2Biz Capital, as it will now be called, works with CPA firms to provide insurance, brokerage and investment advisory services through CPA firms to over 300,000 individual and small business clients totalling over $750 million in assets.

2001 Budgeting & Planning Software Guide

If you are looking for the latest trends and providers in the Budgeting and Planning software area, then the following articles may be a good start. Will Better Budget Software Give You Job Security? - Budget and planning software has been a relative latecomer to the Web revolution. Too late for this recession, but maybe just in time for the next one.

Expertise Marketing Study - Purchase Confirmation

Thank you for ordering the Expertise Marketing Study. An AccountingWEB customer service representative will contact you for credit card information and to verify your order.If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 317-876-7525.Thank you.

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 103

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 103July 13, 2001This AccountingWEB Newswire Sponsored by:Intuit's QuickBooks ProAdvisor ProgramTHIS WEEK'S NEWS FROM ACCOUNTINGWEB1. SEC Takes on Accounting Fraud2. Don't Fall for IRS Rebate Scam3. FASB's New Rules are Now in Effect4. Research Reveals Vacation E-Mail Addicts5. L.A. Property Tax is Out of This World6.

GAO Addresses Home Office Concerns

In the United States, there are approximately 16.5 million employees who telecommute from home at least once per month. Approximately 9.3 million employees telecommute at least once per week.With the growing number of American employees working from home offices, at least part time, issues of home office safety will require attention, the General Accounting Office (GAO) said in a recently released report.The GAO report, "Overview of Potential Barriers Facing Employers," was issued as a result of a request by U.S.

Proposed Amendments to FAS 67

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has proposed to amend Statement No. 67, Accounting for Costs and Initial Rental Operations of Real Estate Projects, to exclude from its scope the accounting for acquisition, development, and construction costs of real estate developed and used by an entity for subsequent rental activities.

Wal-Mart Says: Bring Us Your Tax Rebates!

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to lure would-be shoppers to its aisles or to endear itself to consumers everywhere, Wal-Mart has announced a plan whereby taxpayers can cash their tax rebate checks at no charge, with no strings attached.The income tax rebates, which will be mailed to nearly every taxpayer in the nation, will start appearing in mailboxes later this month.People who choose to come to Wal-Mart to cash their checks will have three choices:Take cash for t

Pending Legislation Will Increase Meal Deduction

The Senate is considering legislation that would accelerate the rise in the meals expense deduction for truck drivers to 80 percent. Under current law, truck drivers are entitled to deduct 60 percent of their allowable meal expenses. That percentage is scheduled to increase to 80 percent in 2008.The Small Business Works Act, proposed by Senator Christopher Bond (R-MO), would implement the increased meal deduction to 80 percent in 2002. The House passed legislation in March favoring this increase.

Performance Appraisals

PERFORMANCE APPRAISALSThursday, July 12, 2001You can read the complete transcript of this workshop.The Association of Accounting Administration hosted the third of many Live sessions on Thursday, July 12, 2001. The session was held in the AccountingWEB Workshop room and was open to the public.The topic was Performance Appraisals. You've asked the question, "What's the Purpose of a Performance Appraisal?" and probably received a dozen or so different replies.

Introduction to Web-Based Auditing

Introduction to Web-Based AuditingPresented by Ryan FoxManager, Assurance Services, Deloitte & ToucheContact Ryan at ryfox@deloitte.comJuly 12, 2001Visit the AccountingWEB Workshop Calendar for upcoming sessions.SummaryIntacct Audit is the industry's first web-based auditing solution, delivered as an integrated part of Intacct's enterprise-class web-based accounting service

L.A. Property Tax is Out of This World

Los Angeles County property tax assessors are attempting to go where no taxing authority has gone before - into outer space. The taxing agency wants to apply property tax rules to satellites owned by California-based Hughes Electronics. The satellites are located in a fixed position 22,300 miles over the equator.

Lotus iNotes Provides Web Access

IBM's Lotus Development has announced availability of its new iNotes Web Access software.The program offers corporate Notes users access to personal and company information, including calendar, e-mail, and address book functions.

Bill Paying Blues

Have you experienced difficulty in paying your bills? Perhaps the bill gets paid but you continue to receive a monthly statement showing the amount still due. Or perhaps you receive a bill that doesn't provide an itemized description of the services you purchased - only a total amount. Do charges appear on your credit card statement that don't look familiar?

IRS Publicizes Tax Scams

The IRS's Criminal Investigation unit (CI) has launched a new area of the IRS web site dedicated to providing information about tax scams and fraud schemes.The Criminal Investigation unit is the law enforcement arm of the IRS. CI cites its mission as serving the American public by investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes in a manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law.

Bush Nominates New SEC Leader

President Bush has nominated Harvey Pitt to be chairman of the Securities & Exchange Commission. Mr. Pitt, a corporate lawyer, was former general counsel to the SEC under President Jimmy Carter.President Bush announced his intention to nominate Mr. Pitt earlier this year. Now the nomination has officially be sent to the Senate Banking Committee. This committee will schedule a confirmation hearing and ultimately Mr.

Worldwide Spread of Viruses Boosts E-Security

E-security rose to the top of the business agenda last year because of cybercrime that shut down popular web sites and spread viruses worldwide. And there are plenty reasons to beware. Recently, for example, morbid surfers who thought they were downloading a pirated copy of the execution of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh were tricked into installing a computer virus. Grisly hoaxWithin hours of the death of Timothy McVeigh by lethal injection, files pretending to be video clips of the execution at the Indiana prison were circulating in chat rooms.