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AccountingWEB is proud to have had over 100 of the top organizations and consultants in the country present informative workshops free of charge to our members on a weekly basis. AccountingWEB would like to thank all of these presenters. Take a moment to see who has been bringing information to our members.Special Thank You To:Allan Boress, Allan S.

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Tax Rebate Con-Men May Become Cons

Two men have been arrested in connection with the recent tax rebate scam wherein taxpayers in several states were mailed official-looking documents that offered to compute the amount of the federal tax rebate for a fee.The men, Russell Wayne Levine, 42, and Borden Barrows, 39, live in Boca Raton, FL, and are accused of perpetrating mail fraud through their operation of a company called the Revenue Resource Center.If the men are found g

Wal-Mart Customers Spending Rebate Checks

The first wave of income tax rebate checks has been mailed by the Treasury Department and received by taxpayers whose Social Security numbers end in 00-09. Checks to taxpayers with Social Security numbers ending in 10-19 are being mailed this week.
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Big Five Consulting Scorecard

The first two years of the new millenium will be known as the time of spin-offs and divestitures of consulting arms from the CPA firms with which they have previously been associated. The Big Five and several top tier national firms have reacted to the SEC crackdown on auditor independence, and have taken aggressive moves to separate their consulting divisions.

Are You Seeing Red?

If you run Windows 2000 or Windows NT on your computer, and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) Web server software, you are a potential target of the latest nasty virus that is making the rounds.The Code Red worm, which is date triggered and is set to be unleashed at 7 p.m. EDT, July 31, may not appear to cause any damage to your computer. However, if the worm resides on your computer, your system may be made more vulnerable to hackers in the future.The worm has been crawling around for awhile already, infesting approximately 300,000 computers earlier this month.
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Tips for Passing the CPA Exam

Academic knowledge and mental preparation must be brought together to successfully pass the CPA exam, according to Sam Goble, Vice President of MicroMash, in a workshop for AccountingWEB presented today.Some helpful hints for preparing for the exam included:Be Prepared MentallyBreak the exam down into topics and then subtopics, master a subtopic and then move on.Candidates often put too much time studying areas tha

Meet the AccountingWEB Team

On the occasion of the two year anniversary of AccountingWEB, we'd like to invite you to meet the people who bring you the AccountingWEB service each and every week.Michael Platt CEOe-mail"It is personally very gratifying to receive strong positive feedback from the hundreds of practitioners, consultants, CFOs, students and academics who have taken the time to write or

AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 11

AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 11 July 30 - August 3, 2001 This AccountingWEB Resource Guide Sponsored by: National Payment Corporation and Intuit's QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program ACCOUNTINGWEB'S RESOURCES1. Workshop: Creating Value with Business Benchmarking2. Workshop: Free 401(k) and the Ability for Professionals to be Compensated3. Profiting From the Payroll Opportunity4. AccountingWEB Launches CareerZONE5.

Creating Value with Business Benchmarking

Creating Value with Business BenchmarkingPresented by Joe WestonAssociate, Gerke & AssociatesContact Joe at jweston@gerke.comJuly 31, 2001, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Accounting Job Market is Picking Up

When the economy takes a downturn, people turn to the number crunchers to make things better. This translates into more and better jobs for those with a financial background. Enter the accountants. As business schools are decrying the decline in attendance in their accounting programs, the need for those who can generate and understand the numbers is growing.Many graduates are reporting multiple job offers and ease of finding jobs in this troubling economy.

AOL Paying $$$ for New Members

Trying to combat the monopoly Microsoft has with the placement of its programs and icons on new computers, America Online is offering computer manufacturers a bounty for new customers that sign up for the program as a result of prominent placement on new computers.Computers that come loaded with Microsoft programs typically include an icon for Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

Taking Baby to Work: Coming to an Office Near You?

Workers at the North Dakota Agriculture Department are listening to more than just the hum of office machines these days. The gurgling and cooing sounds that compete with the tap of fingers on computer keyboards and calculators are coming from babies who go to work with parents.State agencies seem to be leading the trend that some think may filter into the regular workplace soon.
Practice Management

Accenture Releases Study on the Entrepreneurial Spirit

For those of you who thought being an entrepreneur means going it alone, you may be in for a bit of surprise. A new survey conducted by Accenture over a period of 18 months shows that true and effective entrepreneurship is really a collaborative effort. Survey results also show that American business owners are among the least likely to embrace this theory.For the study, "Liberating the Entrepreneurial Spirit," Accenture interviewed 880 senior executives from organizations around the world, including 110 dot-com leaders.
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AccountingWEB Launches CareerZONE

Every survey taken in the last couple of years has shown that the staffing crisis facing CPA firms today is the #1 problem facing the profession.

Excel Tip: Wrap Text Within a Cell

Sometimes your text is too long for the width of a cell in your Excel spreadsheet. If the cell to the right of the cell containing text is empty, the lengthy text will spill over into the empty cell. But what happens when the cell on the right is occupied? Only a portion of the text appears.You can change the size of the font and you can change the width of the cell. Both of these techniques help to make text fit within a single cell. But what if you want to leave the font size and the cell size intact?

Uncovering Your Spouse's Hidden Assets

by Julian Block, attorney and former IRS investigatorDivorces can be expensive, from fees for attorneys or expert witnesses to appraisals of homes, businesses or other assets. And the costs soar when couples take to the courts.Consider what happens when wives need private investigators to track down assets concealed by future ex-husbands.

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AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 105

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 105July 27, 2001This AccountingWEB Newswire Sponsored by:National Payment CorporationandIntuit's QuickBooks ProAdvisor ProgramTHIS WEEK'S NEWS FROM ACCOUNTINGWEB1. CCH Announces Enhancements to Tax.CCH.com2. Accenture to Redesign IRS Web Site3.

Accenture to Redesign IRS Web Site

The IRS has awarded Accenture with a contract worth potentially $33.6 million. The challenge facing Accenture is to turn the IRS Web site into a useful and efficient Internet location where users will be able to more easily access the wealth of information stored therein.The IRS site includes over 100,000 pages of text and graphics, but navigation is difficult.