Tips for Shrewd Savers

The British publication, The Telegraph, has published a list of quick tips for clever savers. No matter what country you call home, keep these tips in mind as you assess your savings in the current economic downturn.
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Accenture Cuts Workforce Again

In a move that didn't surprise or alarm financial analysts, Accenture has joined the ranks of rivals KPMG Consulting and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young in making several cuts in the workforce.Accenture, the Bermuda-based consultancy formerly associated with Big Five firm Andersen,
Practice Management

Guide to The Management of The Professional Services Firm

Many professional service firms measure their performance based primarily on financial measurements, such as the total number of hours billed, revenue generated per partner or net income per partner. But there are at least three other worthwhile ways in which to measure firm performance, besides the commonly-used, financial perspective. These other methods are: The Client Perspective: "How do our customers see us?" For instance, if a CPA firm says it is concerned about meeting the clients' needs, it should be measuring key indicators relating to the client.

What Do You Think About the 'XYZ' Credential? - Part II

The response to the Global Credential issue has been overwhelming. Below you will find the first 200 comments on the question "What do you think about the XYZ Credential?" For the most current comments, please go to the original story.

Good Communication Skills - A Crash Course

Good communicators can be honed as well as born. Below are some helpful tips to help you communicate more effectively.Don’t take another person’s reaction personally, even if that person lashes out at you in what seems a personal manner. Another person’s mood or response is more likely about fear or frustration than it is about you as an individual. You don’t have to have all the answers. It’s OK to say, "I don't know." If you want to find out, say so, and then share your findings. Or you may decide to work on the problem together to find the answer.

AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 14

AccountingWEB Weekly Resource Guide - Issue 14August 20 - 24, 2001 ACCOUNTINGWEB'S WEEKLY FEATURED RESOURCES

Maui . . . High Tech . . . Really!

For all of those who have gotten burned out on Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley and other high tech hubs turned upside down in the Internet fallout, the island of Maui is calling you.The State of Hawaii has pulled out all the stops and is lobbying high-tech businesses across the United States to relocate to the up-and-coming high-tech hubs on the Island of Maui.Web sites such as Friends of Maui: High Tech Economic Development and High Tech Maui offer the la

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 108

AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-Up - Issue 108 August 17, 2001 This Newswire is Sponsored by:"Oracle Small Business"THIS WEEK'S NEWS FROM ACCOUNTINGWEB 

Ten Amazing Statistics On The Changing World Of Work

Current economic times are leading to a variety of challenges for employers. From the shrinking labor force, to retention, to the "free agent" mentality, the world of work is changing fast and furiously. "As we work in the trenches helping companies plan for and manage the talent they will need to compete, the myriad issues facing today's employers is virtually unparalleled," says Caela Farren, CEO of MasteryWorks.

AICPA to Set Best Practice for Cheap Stocks

Three years after the project was initiated, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is now preparing to develop a report on best practices for addressing the practice of a company issuing cheap stock to its employees in the period just preceding an IPO.The SEC had requested the Institute address this issue, but the guidelines had been delayed due to disagreements among task force members. "The staff had high hopes this could lead to useful guidance addressing issues that preparers, auditors, and regulators face on a daily basis with respect to accounting for cheap stock.

FASB Issues Statement on Asset Retirement Obligations

The Financial Accounting Standards Board today issued Statement #143, Accounting for Asset Retirement Obligations.Originally initiated seven years ago to deal with nuclear decommissioning, the scope of the project has been expanded over the years to include the accounting for similar closure costs of other assets at any time during their life.According to the FASB press release, the standard requires entities to record the fair value of a liability for an asset retirement obligation in the period in which it

US Governors Push For Internet Taxation

The Washington Post is reporting that a majority of US Governors will urge lawmakers this week to reject the extension of the moratorium on Internet access taxes unless it is tied to the opportunity for states to create a streamlined system to collect online sales tax.The moratorium, which has been in place since the fledgling days of the Internet to help foster e-commerce growth, is set to expire October 21, 2001."If you care about a level playing field for main street retail businesses, and local c

Five Strategic Technology Payoffs

Guest Article by Roman Kepczyk, President of Info Tech Partners North America.Technology is impacting every aspect of our accounting practices, and leading firms have found that proper implementation and utilization of technology provide a strategic competitive advantage. The difficulty lies in knowing where to spend your technology dollars to get the biggest return on the IT investment.

Financial Sector Making E-Business Strides

How is the financial services sector doing when it comes to implementing e-business practices and identifying e-business opportunities?Andersen’s Business Consulting practice has just released the results of "Toda

Seven Golden Rules To M&A Success

Increasing shareholder value is one of the key reasons to pursue a merger or acquisition, yet only about one third of the largest deals in the last couple of years resulted in increased value.A recent study by KPMG uncovered some interesting facts about successfully increasing shareholder value following a merger or acquisition.It found that:The more experience a company had in acquisitions did not make much difference on its ability to increase value.35% of US companies derive value from a merger

Training the Automated Auditor

Training the Automated AuditorPresented by Carolyn J.

SEC May Start Curtailing Pro Formas

For years, companies have used pro forma statements as a means of better comparing previously reported financial statements with current statements where circumstances have changed significantly, as in a merger or acquisition.But recently, companies have been using pro forma statements to reflect what they believe to be the "true" financial health and well being of the company, taking into consideration various assets that may not appear on traditional accounting books, such as brand loyalty, market share, patents and other intellectual property.It is through this pro forma reporting pro

cyberCFO Extends Reach

cyberCFO, an outsourced strategic financial services firm for emerging-growth technology companies, announced the opening of its Boston office to be headed by Mary Bevelock, former Managing Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers' Entrepreneurial Services Center in Cambridge, MA. As Managing Director for Boston, Bevelock will oversee the operations, client service delivery, and business development for the Boston region.
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CBIZ Announces Share Repurchase Program

The Board of Directors of Century Business Services, Inc. has authorized a stock repurchase plan for up to one million shares of stock over the next six months.The stock is expected to be used for future corporate acquisitions and for strengthening its employee stock plan.

Are Smart Credit Cards Really Smart?

American Express entered the 21st Century by putting a computer chip on its new Blue Card, looking high-tech and positioning itself as a tool for more secure online shopping. It issued over 2 million cards in the first 14 months. A number of the banks in the Visa network will issue over 7 million cards with "smart chips" in them this year. And Mastercard will enter into the competition with its own smart card.But beyond looking really cool, what else do smart cards do? Not much, according to a commentary by Saul Hansell, published this week in the New York Times.Mr.