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The agenda topics and speakers for 2014 will be announced soon so please check back for updates. Meanwhile here's what we covered at 2013's event.
8.00AM ET
A New Era in Talent Development and Learning
In a period of rapid change and increasing complexity, the winners will be those who can keep their rate of learning greater than the rate of change and greater than their competition or their L > C.

It's time to reimagine the CPA profession around the concepts of talent development and learning. New skills, new ways of learning, and new thinking. The need for a strategic and systematic approach to talent development is already underway in many high-performing organizations. Are you ready for these sweeping, even disruptive trends?

This presentation covers the latest trends and what we see as "next" practices emerging and how we, at the Business Learning Institute, are working to help CPA firms, corporations, government, and nonprofits with a new approach to talent development and learning designed to get two things: (1) business results and (2) engaged employees who are willing to give you their discretionary efforts!
9.00AM ET
Ten Apps You Can’t Afford NOT to Know About!
This rapid-fire presentation will cover ten must-have apps and, more importantly, the genres most valuable to practicing accountants and their clients. The important message here isn’t “go download this app,” but rather, “you need to understand this genre and why it’s important to you and your clients.” The world of business is changing dramatically, and as CPAs, we need to stay well informed to help our clients make solid business decisions. For example, you don’t want one of your clients to open a bookstore in the back of his travel agency!
10.00AM ET
Get Ahead of the Game – Prepping for Tax Season
Every year, tax season rolls around and hits us hard. Avoid excess stress this coming tax season by making a little front-end adjustment to your processes and client management strategies. This panel discussion will cover ways to prepare for tax season to maximize your efficiency and minimize your stress.
11.00AM ET
Paradigm Shift for Accountants – From Most Trusted Servant to Most Trusted Advisor
Sponsored by: PlanGuru
What do you really want your role to be with your clients moving forward? In the past, our role has been entering the data or cleaning up the data after the client enters it. Ask clients and they’ll tell you what they want from their accountants. Doug will explain how you can change your model to provide the services your clients really want and need.
noon ET
Keynote: Done! Time Management Strategies for Regaining Command of Your Day
Sponsored by: SurePayroll
In this age of hyper-connectedness, the world seems to spin faster and faster. No matter how hard or long we work, we often finish the day right where we started. It feels like we're treading water!

That's about to change.

This session will deliver a host of best practices for staying focused, getting more done, and enjoying greater personal and professional satisfaction. Not a single magic trick is involved. These are straightforward tips that put you back in charge of your work and success. Using any or all of these principles, you can gain six plus minutes of productivity a day, which adds up to twenty-four hours of additional productivity a year. That's three days of work off your desk.

Attend Paul’s session and you’ll:
  • Learn to make a direct connection between productivity and its relationship to success.
  • Receive twenty-four suggestions for increasing productivity and command over your work and life.
  • Become motivated to achieve greater career and personal success.
1.00PM ET
Growing a Consultative Practice in 2014
Sponsored by: Xero
Get the inside scoop on how to build better client relationships today. Xero Partner Marketing Manager Marie Jung leads a panel of accounting professionals and small business owners as they discuss three key issues impacting their bottom line:
  1. Managing new financial legislation – the Affordable Care Act.
  2. Setting proper business planning – crafting achievable goals.
  3. Growing smarter business owners – empowering and educating your clients.
You'll learn how to leverage these strategies to create new revenue streams, plus get an uncensored perspective on the process, conversation, and best ways to drive the outcome of these enhanced relationships.
2.00PM ET
Take Shelter from the 2013 Tax Storm
Sponsored by: HD Vest
The year 2013 has ushered in more tax changes than the American taxpayer has seen in a decade, and fourth quarter is the perfect time to lead clients into action with tax-planning strategies that could save them money. Be the first to approach your clients with these year-end planning strategies, updated to include the impacts of the American Taxpayer Relief Act and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
3.00PM ET
Expand Your Value to Clients via Sales Tax Advisory Services
Sponsored by: Avalara
There were $225.5 billion in online sales in 2012, according to the US Department of Commerce. And according to estimates from the National Conference of State Legislators, states lost out on a combined $23 billion in uncollected sales tax revenue.

With state budgets getting tighter and federal legislation being discussed in Washington, DC, the formerly boring and mundane issue of sales tax collection and remittance has moved front and center and is a hot topic for firms and their clients. This session will provide a general background, cover problems and opportunities, and also review the plethora of technology tools that accounting professionals are using to meet this emerging challenge.
4.00PM ET
Don't Imagine the Benefits of a Virtual Office – Experience Them
Sponsored by: Intuit
Imagine a world where your accounting and tax solutions are integrated, are available anytime and anywhere, and you can easily access client information when you need it to more quickly meet requests. Well, don't imagine it. Experience it by leveraging a virtual office.

In this session, see how – from an online "home base" – you can access a single client list and immediately dive into your workday from any point when action is required on behalf of a client.

Save time by never having to enter data as accounting, tax, and adjacency services, such as payments and payroll. Integrate them all and automatically share data. As a result, you’ll be more efficient and productive when doing client work, leaving you with time to focus on ways to better serve your clients and grow your practice.
5.00PM ET
The Essentials of Document Management
Sponsored by: Doc.It
The accounting profession is looking for better tools around managing the documents and integrating with all the solutions that help accountants deliver services to their clients. In this session, you’ll learn tips and new ideas for addressing the issues around document management.
6.00PM ET
Wallet Share: Grow Your Practice Without Adding Clients
If you aren't regularly diagnosing client needs and addressing them, someone else will. Learn proven best practices to help you grow your practice, create "sticky clients," and increase wallet share.
7.00PM ET
Practice Management Essentials
For over thirty years, Mark has been acknowledged as a leading-edge consultant to the accounting profession. His mission is to help firms address the changes and challenges that are greater today than ever before. He believes that the changes in the next five years (if not sooner) will be greater than in the last twenty-five combined. Mark will begin his presentation with his new film that sets the scene for a compelling and enlightening session.

A few of the insights Mark will highlight include:
  • The greatest innovation in accounts presentation in fifty years.
  • How to reduce your owner capital.
  • KPIs that make a difference.
  • Strategies for looking after your best client.
  • Essential accounting firm benchmarking.
  • The power of questions.
  • Why it's essential to understand grieving.
  • Great new and simple-to-introduce (non-technology) marketing ideas.
Mark guarantees that this session will be one of the best you've attended in 2013.