FAQ | AccountingWEB
It says that my device is not supported. Can I watch this?
You're likely using a newer Android device that does not have Flash enabled. Please enable Flash on your device.
How much does it cost to register for AccountingWEB Live?
There is no up-front cost for registering for AccountingWEB Live. In order to claim CPE credit, there is a $20 per session cost.
Will I be able to get CPE credit if I watch the sessions on my iPad?
Yes. There will be three random numbers displayed at the bottom of the screen during each session, and our speaker will call attention to these numbers. You will need to record the numbers and then after you are finished viewing all the sessions you wish to attend, you will report the numbers that were displayed in each session and make your payment.
What happens if I sign off around 3 or 4pm, do I still get the CPE credits?
Yes – you can attend as many or as few sessions as you wish, and the CPE registration form will allow you to request CPE credit for the sessions individually.
How many credit hours of CPE will I earn?
AccountingWEB Live! offers 7 hours of CPE credit. 1 session (the first one) qualifies for A&A credit, the rest are practice development, practice management, and technology sessions.
Does everyone in my office who is attending need to register separately?
No – if you are watching the event as a group, in your conference room or some other common area, only one person needs to register. That person will login with the username and password we supply and can then display the presentations to everyone in the group. One person can then request CPE credits for the entire group.